Pest Control Solutions Often Involve Monthly Services

Often, pests are difficult to remove altogether. Even after knowing where to buy insecticide, you may be forced to hire a professional to come and do a full sweep. Pests mostly hide in the dark, dirty, and unkempt places. It is advisable to constantly move the boxes around, rearrange and spray some insecticide to prevent the pests from making a home in your own home. Depending on the type of pest, sometimes it’s better to leave things where they are and spray the whole area. The best pest control services companies give free consultations and do follow up.

There are many natural ways to kill pests, such as introducing predators. If your home is infested with rats, you can get a cat. However, industrial pest control products also work well for individuals allergic to animals such as cats. New pest control companies are positioning themselves in the market by manufacturing quality products that are safe for humans. The better pest and termite control varies from one company to another. Also, different homes need different services depending on the location and the infestation.

There are many good practices one should observe. Ensure you maintain high hygiene practices inside and outside your house. Avoid leaving sugary things in the open if you have kids, as it attracts ants. One should always know what is happening in their home and stay ahead.

The room was complete chaos. Just before lunch the class of fourth and fifth grade students were cleaning out the cages for the two classroom pets. And while it is nearly the middle of the year and the students should have the pet maintenance tasks figured out, minutes before the class left for lunch birdseed for the parakeet were dumped on the floor and the hay for the gerbil tipped onto the carpet as the students put the cage back on the shelf.
As the sub in the room, you were thankful that you would only be in the now messy classroom for the afternoon. You knew that you would make sure that the students borrowed a vacuum from the janitor and cleaned up the majority of the mess after lunch. As a taxpayer in the district, you know that major cleaning goes on in school buildings over breaks. You cannot help but wonder if you this classroom might require pest control services. You can only imagine that there are some furry creatures that have been known to get into buildings when the temperatures drop who would love the taste of that birdseed and hay.

Rodent Control Equipment and Exterminator Services are Important Maintenance Tasks for Many Large and Small Buildings

From termites to critters, the need for rodent control equipment and pest control services is especially necessary in many parts of the country as the cold temperatures drop and pests look for warm locations for the winter. And while some families and businesses wait until they have a problem to call for help, others have a yearly maintenance contract that includes monthly treatments as preventive maintenance measures. Consider some of these facts and figures about the need for rodent control equipment and pest control services throughout the country:

    • A scientific study estimates that there are at least 1.5 million ants on the planet for every human being. Even a small fraction of this population can be a major problem if they infest your home.
    • Very close to $2 billion is spent every year in the U.S. controlling or preventing termite infestations.
    • One problem that people in the Midwest have if their home has shake shingles is with a long slender bug called a silver fish.
    • Infestations are sometimes difficult to manage. From fleas to ants, it is important to work with a professional exterminator as soon as you notice a problem.
    • Dirty, unkept homes and offices are not the only place that are sometimes in need of exterminator services.


  • Termite control options can vary depending on whether or not your have children or pets in a space.
  • Rodents can cause a lot of damage if they are allowed to go unchecked.
  • One single queen of a certain termite species can lay up to 40,000 eggs in a day.
  • Until now you might not have known that fire ants currently infest as many as 14 states in the southern portion of America.
  • Building maintenance staffs are not always equipped to handle the sometimes complicated tasks of pest and rodent control services.
  • Literally 15% of all new homes have serious structural defects and damages, some of which may include termite damage.
  • Estimates indicate that 82% of U.S. homes were found to have mouse allergens, according to a national study.

The best way to AVOID TROUBLE in many environments is to make sure that you have a monthly pest control service inspect your home. Different types of extermination services are often recommended depending on where you live, but in all cases staying ahead of any problems is always good practice.

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