New Energy Efficient Windows Provide Immediate Savings in Many Parts of the Country

Chicago replacement windows

The view outside the window on Christmas morning was beautiful. With an inch of new snow overnight, in fact, this was likely one of the most perfect Christmas views you had ever seen. The fact that both of your daughters were home form college helped the mood and the the fact that you had replaced all of the windows in your home last summer helped as well. You took bids from several window companies before making a decision and you are very happy with the final choice that you made.

Although the windows this year framed a perfect outdoor winter wonderland on Christmas morning, this has not always been the case. In fact, in the past your morning views were often obstructed by a thick build up of frost. And while the girls used to like scratch their name into the frost build up, this was always an indicator of how inefficient those older windows were. After visiting with several window companies, you realized that if you paid for quality windows you could have more energy efficient products that would not only provide a better Christmas morning view, but a lower heating bill as well.
Making the Right Window Installation Company Choice Can Help You Save Money in the Long Run
Of all of the home and business improvements that property owners make, few can have as big an impact as the decision to upgrade the windows. With the latest no maintenance products, today’s windows are more attractive and more energy efficient. Consider some of these facts and figures about the products that window companies offer to both commercial and residential customers:

  • Replacing a window costs an average of $300 and $700 a window.
  • Homeowners who replace their windows can get back 80% of their investment, according to the National Association of Realtors.
  • 44% of 2012 renovation jobs were for window or door replacement, acording to the National Association of Home Builders 2012 Remodeling Market Index.
  • 45% of the average home energy bill goes toward heating, according to the Department of Energy. These costs can be reduced with a new installation of energy efficient windows.
  • Properly maintained, high quality windows can last 20 years or longer, depending on the material.
  • Dual-paned windows are about two times as effective at retaining air conditioning and heat when compared to single-paned ones.

A beautiful view out your back window on Christmas morning is even more enjoyable when you do not have to look through a layer of frost. If you are looking for a way to save on your energy bills this winter, make sure that you have the highest energy efficient windows installed.

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