Need Help Buying A New Home? Check Out These Top Five Tips

Outer banks nc real estate

Interested in how the real estate market is faring? Keep your ear to the ground. This industry is growing faster than ever, bolstered by a changing economic climate and some of the best prices people have ever seen. Contrary to what some may say, there is still a very strong demand for condominiums and new homes for sale. From beach properties to the history of the Outer Banks, you won’t have any shortage of options to choose from when flipping through your real estate listings. Below are the top five tips toward making the most when searching through local and nationwide real estate listings, so you can spend less time fussing and more time buying.

Maintain Those Connections

Did you know over 40% of buyers find their agent through a referral from either a friend or family member? This is easily one of the most overlooked tips on our list and many people find themselves in the dust when looking up local real estate listings. With a growing economy, pent-up demand and a variety of competitive mortgage rates, you’ll want every weapon in your arsenal when going out on the battlefield!

Location, Location, Location

It’s not hard to see why some people prefer certain areas over others. It’s all in the location. If you’re not a forest person or someone that likes hot weather, the last thing you want is to commit to buying a home in those environments anyway! Beach properties are still some of the most popular and beloved options for their agreeable weather, beautiful view and plethora of fun activities just a mere walk from where they’re situated. Like swimming? How about thriving local cultures? Keep these questions in mind when buying and your decision will be a meaningful one.

First Time? No Problem!

Don’t fret if this is your first time checking out your local real estate listings. There are quite a few first-time buyers out there and everyone has to start somewhere! In fact, a 2014 study saw over 30% of recent home buyers investing in a home for the very first time. Another survey saw the typical first-time home buyer around the age of 31, while the average repeat buyer was 53. For 24% of recent home buyers, the first reason for their recent home purchase was just the desire to own a home, while another 9% purchased due to a job-related relocation or new move. Lastly, 8% bought for the desire to be in a better neighborhood or because of a new family situation.

Ask A Real Estate Agent

We’ve already covered that talking to friends and family members can go a long way in helping you cement prime deals. Now how about just talking to a real estate agent? Remember, you don’t have to hoof this entire journey alone. Real estate agents are still viewed as useful information sources by 98% of buyers who were searching for a new home. In fact, the year 2014 saw nearly 90% of all buyers cementing their final decision with a real estate agent or broker by their side — a noticeable 70% increase from 2001!

Never A Better Time To Get Started

The enemy of greatness is hesitation. The market has never been more ripe for the picking and there are more than enough people out there ready to give you a helping hand. Realtors will help narrow down your price range while real estate agents can walk you through some of the more tricky processes like mortgage rates and insurance. Forbes has even estimated one million housing units need to be built each year to accommodate population growth! With so many resources and options at your disposal, there’s little stopping you from finding the condos of your dreams.

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