Is Summer a Good Time for Home Improvement Projects?

Many homeowners choose to take on home improvement projects during the winter months — after all, you’re cooped up inside anyways so you might as well be productive. But what happens when the project isn’t done in time for hosting for the holidays? Or when you can’t use an entire room for a month and go a little stir-crazy? This is why summer makes the ideal time for home improvement projects. While there’s really no perfect time to tackle a big home remodeling project, let’s take a look at a few reasons summer is a good time for these projects.

You can spend time outside. One of the big problems with doing home remodeling during the colder months is that there’s really nowhere to escape to. But when you do home remodeling during the summer, it’s easy to find things to do outside of the house while the home remodeling contractors do their work. This is especially important if you’re remodeling a key part of the home, like the kitchen. If it’s nice outside, you and the family can cook outdoors and find entertainment outside of the home instead of being cooped up inside with the remodeling going on.

The weather is better for workers: If you’re having work done on your home, you’re probably going to feel guilty asking workers to work on your home in the bitter cold winter weather. But when it’s summertime, workers won’t have to worry about bundling up in layers to get the job done. While not all remodeling can be done in the summer heat, it’s often easier to get home improvement jobs done quicker in the summer. Additionally, the longer days mean workers will have more time to work during the day if they choose to do so.

You’ll have more time to reorganize. In a few short months, school will pick up again and then soon after it will already be time for the holidays. This means the beginning of summer is the perfect time to have remodeling done because you’ll have plenty of time to get things back in order before busy schedules start again. If you try to cram a remodeling project in right before the holidays, you may find yourself struggling to have everything ready and put the house back in order.

Home remodeling projects are not only great for your enjoyment of your home, but for the value of your home as well. In fact, Home Advisor shows that an average basement remodel can have up to a 70% ROI. So if you’re thinking about doing some home improvement, this summer is a great time to do it.

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