How Can I Reduce The Chances Of Theft In My Home?

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Are you concerned about the safety of your home or your car? This is more than a reasonable worry to have. After all, you’ve worked hard for what you own and the last thing you need in the busy workweek is to lose it all in a lapse of safety. Whether it’s preparing for automotive emergencies or becoming familiar with high security locks, there are a wealth of resources for you to tap into so you can keep your belongings and your family safe all days of the year. Let’s take a look at what a locksmith company can do for your home as well as everyday tips you can keep in mind when walking out your door.

How Common Is Theft?

Let’s start with a little refresher. Did you know one larceny theft occurs every five seconds in the United States alone? The country leads the world in occurrence of burglaries and some estimates see four burglaries happening every minute — for comparison, that’s one every 15 seconds. With figures like that it stands to reason you can step up your game when it comes to safety.

How Common Is Item Loss?

We all lead incredibly busy lives. Because of this our items can be incredibly easy to lose at the drop of a hat, leaving us stressed out and scrambling around when we should be focused. Car keys have been found to be the third most commonly lost item, with house keys taking up the second slot. Studies have even shown we spend a stunning ten minutes every day rummaging for lost items.

How Safe Am I?

One of the most frequent concerns regarding theft is personal safety or the safety of family and friends. The Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report states that a household member was home during at least 28% of the burglaries — alarmingly, a household member suffered a form of violence in 7% of these occurrences. Another 60% of burglars use forcible entry to gain access to a home, with 30% entering through an unlocked door or window.

How Much Does Burglary Cost?

Theft is incredibly expensive and can put an individual or family in a lot of financial struggle. Ongoing studies by the FBI sees the average dollar loss per burglary in the United States at nearly $2,200. Coupled with the victim’s losses as well as criminal justice expenditures, this number increases to a stunning $20,000. While residential locksmith safety is a useful resources, there are tips you can apply to your everyday life to reduce the probabilities of theft.

What Are Tips I Should Know?

Try to create a special spot in your home for your car keys or house keys so you don’t waste time trying to find them. If you need to hide your key somewhere for a family or relative to visit while you’re away, it’s recommended you hide your key at least 20 feet away from the front door. The location should be somewhat inconvenient to get to in order to deter any would-be thieves. Remember to also change the location of your key — if anyone is watching they’ll be less accurate when trying to claim it for themselves.

How Can I Increase My Safety?

You’ll be happy to know that increasing your safety is something that can be done in just a day, drastically reducing your probability for a home invasion while giving you peace of mind. A locksmith company uses modern technology combined with practical application to create ideal protection for both your home and car. They can install an effective alarm, repair a broken key and even reduce the ability for a thief to lockpick their way into your home. Consider notifying your local locksmith today and see how they can create a safer reality for you and your family.

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