Home Improvement Lesson #1 Call Your Roofer

One of the most exciting aspects of home ownership is the use of the outdoor space that comes along with your home. It can be a small area, or acres of land: but whatever it is, it is yours to do with exactly as you choose.

In your own backyard, you can create an oasis that is completely your own, designed to meet your needs and created in accordance with your specific likes and dislikes to your own taste. And most Americans clearly feel this way. In 2017, it is reported that homeowners spent over 60% more on home improvement projects than they did in 2016 (according to a survey from HomeAdvisor).

What kind of home improvements are being done? The list is long, and as varied as your imagination! Some of the projects include screened in porch additions, garages, garden sheds, gazebos and storage sheds–among others. One thing that most of the projects on this list have in common is the need for a roofer.

A good roofer is an essential part of a home improvement project, particularly one that includes structures outside the home, or added onto the home. In the instance of an outdoor shed, for instance, a roofer will know about the proper way to tie-down according to code. This insures safety for all and add years of life to the structure.

A roofer will also know about maintenance, repair and roof inspection. If you choose to have a new outdoor gazebo, for instance, a roofer will know about the particular needs of the type of gazebo you choose. This is important because there are seven types of gazebos and they are all different.

This situation is similar with sheds. If your project includes having a new shed, a roofer will know how best to take care of the one you select. Since the siding materials for sheds vary (vinyl, metal, wood and engineered wood), your roofer will be able to tell you the best way to protect your shed and preserve its lifetime, making it last for years in your yard. (As a point of interest, a well-maintained metal roof can last and be used for up to 50 years-amazing!)

So, enjoy your yard and let your imagination run free! Just remember, even though you are in your yard, you are still outside and all your outdoor structures need upkeep and maintenance for safety and longevity. Make sure to call your roofer and let the professional do the work that is necessary so your yard is the safe and tranquil oasis you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

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