Four Landscape Projects You Can Complete on a Weekend Off

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There are lots of reasons to remodel and develop the front yard. While some homeowners might want to do that simply because they take pride in having the nicest lawn on the block, others might hope to increase curb appeal to add value to their home for possible resale. Whatever the case may be, a full-scale landscape renovation can be quite costly. However, there are lots of less-expensive, and much easier, DIY landscaping projects that homeowners can do simply when they have a free weekend. While they might require a bit of work, even small DIY projects can make a difference on how a long looks.

Build Flower Beds

A nice flower bed in front of a house always looks great, especially when it is properly maintained. And, despite the fact that they might look to be quite complex, they are actually pretty easy to build. Homeowners simply need a spade to cut an edge, a small shovel to plant flowers, and a wheelbarrow to haul some mulch. It might be a bit tedious, but building a flower bed is one of the best DIY landscape projects that homeowners can complete one their own.

Pull Weeds

Though spending the weekend on your hands and knees in the dirt is hardly any fun, simply pulling weeds is a great way to upgrade a landscape. It might be one of the least enjoyable home projects, but removing weeds can help make a lawn look fresh and well maintained. Even pulling just a few out of the driveway or cracks in the sidewalk can make a big difference.

Spread Fertilizer

A fresh green lawn can add a nice aesthetic appeal to any home, and achieving one does not take a lot of work. Simply picking up a bag of fertilizer and spreading it around with a cup early on in the season can make sure that grass has the nutrients it needs to stay green. And, of course, turning on the sprinkler every now and then during the hottest summer months is vital for maintaining a green lawn.


It is not uncommon to hear lawnmowers running at all hours of the day during the spring and summer months. While that might be annoying, mowing the lawn is a must for anybody who wants a clean, attractive lawn. Preventing the grass from looking to shaggy or growing over the sidewalks keeps it looking clean, and stripes from the mower add a unique aesthetic that can distinguish a home from the rest of the neighbors. So just mowing one day a week is one of the easiest, and most effective, DIY landscaping projects for homeowners.

The reality is that there are all sorts of DIY home projects that homeowners can use to upgrade both the interior and exterior of their house. While they might require a bit of elbow grease, DIY landscaping projects and others can be a good idea. DIY projects for home that can be completed in just a weekend can help improve a yard and the overall aesthetic of any home.

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