Destructive Animals In Your Home? Don’t Risk The Spread Of Bacteria And Call For Rodent Control Instead

Winter is on the way. You know what that means?

Plenty of destructive animals looking to escape the cold by using your home as an outlet. While you may do your best to sweep up the floor and pad out the corners in your room, sometimes your best efforts still see a squirrel or rat sneaking through the cracks. Destructive animals do more than just creep you out. They can nibble on your wires, steal your food and expose you to all sorts of harmful parasites and bacteria. Removing these animals on your own is also not recommended under any circumstance, as a single bite could put you in the hospital.

It’s best to leave a squirrel infestation to the pros. Here’s what you should know if unwanted rodents show up in your home.

Squirrels Are Just As Pesky

While most people think of rats or mice when it comes to pesky rodents, squirrels are just as frustrating. These critters can lose as much as 25% of their buried nuts to thieves when attempting to stock up. Smart as a whip, they’ll practice what’s called ‘deceptive caching’ and pretend to bury food to throw off thieving critters attempting to follow their scent. Unfortunately, sometimes they choose to use your home as a place to keep their lunch and dinner secure. Squirrel removal is a useful tool when you notice a four-footed someone trying to sneak through your kitchen.

Rats May Be Cute, But Beware

Now for the ones we all know and love…rats that think your home is free real estate. Although many people are actively grossed out by rats, many choose to keep them as pets. The most popular form of domesticated rat today is known as the ‘Fancy Rat’, incredibly smart and very docile. It’s not friendly and sweet rats sneaking into your home, though, and a 2017 report in The New Republic magazine reported the country was on the verge of a ‘Ratpocalypse’. Rat populations have all but spiked in Washington, D.C. and New York City, prompting more wildlife control calls than ever before.

Mice Should Also Be Kept At Bay

It’s not just rats you should be aware of, but mice. Although they’re smaller and seemingly less harmful, mice can also breed incredibly quickly and multiply right under your nose. According to studies by the National Pest Management Association, rodents such as mice and rats can either consume or contaminate as much as 20% of the world’s food supply. Keeping them at bay is a daily task that still can come up short, leading to home infestations and entire crates of food tossed out. Chalk that alongside them bringing in fleas and you have a recipe for frustration.

Simple Tips For Preventing Future Break-Ins

There are a few things you can do to make sure destructive animals are circumventing your home. Keep an eye out for any ‘weak spots’ in your home’s foundation that could turn into a backdoor for squirrels and mice. Holes, weakened wood and large cracks can all be chewed through and eventually turned into a one-stop shop behind your back. Food left out on the counter or littering the ground is also a good way to encourage not just destructive animals, but pests and the accumulation of bacteria. When you have animals already in your home, though…you know who to call!

Keep Calm And Call Wildlife Control

The first thing not to do is panic and let your head run off with you. This can lead to you trying to stomp out the infestation yourself, which can end with you injured or failing to uproot a hidden litter. Professional rodent removal is experienced in locating hidden nests and driving out animals in a way that’s both clean and humane. According to the National Pest Management Association, without the pest control industry hard at work both rodents and bugs would destroy up to half of our food supply. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping your unwanted squatters will leave…

…let rodent control professionals make this entire frenzy a thing of the past.

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