Benefits of the Mini Split AC Unit Versus HVAC

With air conditioners being a common utility in the United States, existing in about a third of all homes, there is much to learn about the efficiency and cost savings needed from your air conditioner. It could be part of the HVAC system installed in your home, or it could be a separate air conditioner that works on its own.

The Cost of Air Conditioning

With a third of the nation financing air conditioning in their homes every year, about 11 billion dollars is spent among them annually. It is important to know that regular maintenance helps keep air conditioners running efficiently and efficient air conditioners can help reduce energy use by as much as 50%. With the ability to cut energy costs with efficient practices and air conditioners, such as the Mini Split AC, there is a great deal that can be saved over the course of a year.

What is Mini Split AC

Mini split AC is often a ductless option that is used for indoor gardeners who work to keep their growing rooms as a closed system. This is also a ductless system that is able to provide cool and comfortable temperatures and reduce energy usage.

Similar to those old window air conditioners, ductless mini split AC provides cooling to a single room, but it can also provide cool air to more than one. However, it is cheaper energy than those previous air conditioners were back in the day, as these save energy by cooling only the rooms that are used most often. It is an efficient alternative to central air when you may not be in a home that requires the expense of massive air conditioning use from an HVAC or other central systems.

Mini split AC systems are permanent, unlike portable or window ac units. They require professional installation and greater initial cost, though they are able to cut costs due to increased efficiency throughout time. These units remain with the house, even if you sell it and move out. However, they are less intrusive than central air, because they do not use the existing duct system within the home.

Additionally, there is much to consider when the HVAC system is so overwhelming in the duct system of the home, along with the amount of service and maintenance that is needed as it gets older. With the mini split system there is much less service needed over the years, and without the use of the home ducts, there is incredible cost and service efficiency. If you have no reason to worry about the cooling of the entire house at all times, the cooling of only those rooms used most often is able to help reduce both utility costs and overall energy usage greatly.

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