3 Steps for Concrete Floor Polishing

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If your concrete floors need a deeper clean, consider using a concrete floor polisher. You can buy an inexpensive one online, and follow these instructions to get your floors clean enough to eat off of!

Step 1: Water

The first step is easy. Connect your floor polisher to a water outlet, like the ones you use for a hose or fill up the water tank. Set the machine to 1000MQ and run it in lines along the floor. No cutting agent is required.

Step 2: Dust Extractor

for step 2, you don’t need any water or cutting agent. Dry run the machine along the same path as you did for step 1 and extract all the remaining dust. Your polisher will act more like a vacuum in this instance.

Step 3: Concrete Hardener

The last step is to swab the floor with a concrete hardener, such as lithium. For this step, you don’t need to use the floor polishing machine, at all. A basic mop will work. Make sure to cover the entire surface of your floor. A square mop (think of one in the shape of a Swiffer) will work great here because it lets you fit into the corners of the room.

There you have it! Three easy steps and your concrete floors are looking good as new.

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