Keeping Your Green Lawn Green

Written by Eric Brophy. Posted in Lawn care services, Naturally healthy lawn, Organic lawn care arlington heights

Organic lawn care palatine

Lawn care is more than keeping your yard green. It’s maintaining pH balance, keeping harmful insects and animals away, and a whole lot of sweat-soaked mowing. It’s weeding flower beds, hosing the grass, and making sure you’re using the right amount of fertilizer. But despite the hard work you put into keeping your lawn lush and healthy, it’s important not only to keep your lawn green, but to keep your lawn green.

Environmentally responsible lawn care these days is a necessity and current lawn care services aren’t exactly healthy. Pesticides and fungicides alone — 70 million pounds of which are sprayed in American lawns yearly — kill up to 90% of the earthworms as well as millions of birds.

Even your fertilizer has the potential to harm — while a healthy lawn prevents runoff, up