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I’m Eric Brophy, a carpenter and homebuilder with 16 years experience doing the job right, the old-fashioned way. What they used to say is true — measure twice, cut once. If you plan out a project from the start, with blueprints, a bill of materials, the whole nine yards, you may seem to be wasting time at the start, but it’s time saved on having to do the job again when it just doesn’t fit. Whether you’re building in the city or off the grid, ground-up or touch-up, I can guarantee you’ll find home improvement tips for your next DIY project at home.

There is a Great Importance to Both the Local Move and The Long Distance Move

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Most often, couples and families state their reason for moving as wanting a new or better home or apartment. While that may cover a broad range of reasons, it covers the desire for a local move while you are still happy with your community and school district, among other characteristics. With all of these family moves, the moving companies of 2016 built an industry of almost $86 billion. And with over 35 million Americans moving each year, the need for local movers continues to rise.

The Local Move

As of 2017, the local move was one of the most common, with well over half of movers staying in the same county. This added up to about 62% of movers who wanted those new or better homes within their same county. Most movers include a family that is made up of a couple between the ages of 18 and 34 along with two children. However, as people get older they are less likely to move.

The Long Distance Move

Given the numbers across the country, long distance movers

What’s the Difference Between a 3 Season Room and a 4 Season Room?

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The 2016 Houzz Landscaping and Garden Trends Study reports that about 50% of homeowners who upgrade their outdoor spaces spend at least six hours there per week. But depending on where you live, lounging in your yard may not be an option year-round. To enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while staying sheltered from the elements, a three or four season sunroom is an excellent room addition. Which home addition design is best for your lifestyle is up to you. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two.




A three season room is a true home addition. It’s often added to an existing patio or deck, which means it is separated from the rest of the house by an external wall. On the other hand, a four season room is constructed to be more integrated with the rest of the home, built in to use the existing HVAC system (which we’ll discuss in a moment).




The insulation — or lack thereof — used in this room addition constitutes the main difference between a three season room and a four season room. A four season room is constructed with insulated walls, floor, and roof, which keeps the room comfortable all year long, regardless of the weather. A three season room may be built with little to no insulation, limiting the times of year it can remain in use. Of course, if you live in a mild climate, a three season room may still be the best option since the outside temperatures will rarely drop to uncomfortable levels.


Heating and Cooling


A three season room can still benefit from a heating and cooling system, though the unit will operate independently from the rest of the home’s HVAC system. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that the lack of insulation will make it difficult to heat the room during the colder months. Because a four season room is built into the home, the climate can be controlled in accordance with the rest of the house.


Ultimately, when considering a home remodeling job that involves a room addition like a sunroom, it’s important to take climate into consideration. Warmer year-found climates don’t require extensive heating in the winter; if you live in an area like this, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the comfort of a three season room. If you need some extra warmth in those colder months, you’ll benefit from the insulation and HVAC capabilities of a four season room.


To get started on your home addition today, contact us today. We’re ready to help you create your ideal living space!


Installation and Care for Elevators

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A common mode of indoor transportation is elevators, and ever since the 1800s, elevators have transported people and cargo up and down many buildings. Until the late 1800s, elevators were hardly even necessary, since buildings were never more than four or five stories tall. During the Industrial Revolution, however, steel beams and other new construction method allowed buildings to reach literal new heights, and indoor transportation had to keep up. Walking up stairs to the 20th floor would be tiresome, so residential lifts began to appear, and a commercial elevator or cargo elevator may be found in a factory or other commercial site. These elevators may be installed when an elevator company plays its part during construction of a building, and residential elevator repair may be done with an elevator safety company. What might an elevator safety company do t make elevators more

Many Efficiency Lighting Systems Including Induction Grow Lighting

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Induction grow lighting has many benefits over standard lighting systems. This is because these systems do not have electrodes or filaments, the parts that often make traditional lights burn out quickly. Therefore, induction grow lights are able to last up to 100,000 hours.

The History of Induction Grow Lighting

Original induction lights were developed by Nikola Tesla in the 1890s. While it may not have been the most efficient system at that time, further development has brought it to the point of the highest efficacy. Sometimes these lights are able to provide over 70 lumens per watt, along with the ability to last as long as 100,000 hours. This makes the induction light a quality bulb for cars today, well over a century after the initial technology was developed.

Other Strong Lighting Systems

Some other lighting systems that are often used for different buildings include HID and LED lighting, beneficial and long-lasting in different ways. Either of these c

Steps To Take To Lower That Energy Bill

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Every time your energy bill comes around, you can’t help but notice the heating and cooling costs are taking chunks out of your savings. Why? It might be time to schedule maintenance on your home’s HVAC systems.

What is HVAC? HVAC is an acronym that means heating, ventilation and air conditioners. It encompasses all the different and unique systems that heat and cool your home.

What’s Hiking My Bill Up?

It can be one thing or a number of things. Has the sealing and insulating in your home been properly installed? With properly installed insulation and sealing, your heating and cooling bill will thank you when its cost has been decreased by up to 20 percent. As a rule of thumb, your insulation thickness should be anywhere from 12 inches to 15 inches if your home has an attic.

How about your windows? Your energy bill can see another decrease in its cost between 7 percent to 24 percent by investing in Energy Star qualified windows.

What about your HVAC systems

Is It Time To Remodel That Bathroom And Kitchen?

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So you’ve finally bought that house you’ve been fawning over. It took months to close the deal but now that it’s over and you can finally do some much needed modeling. Because some things just aren’t looking too good.

It’s time to throw out that old bathroom and bring it up to your standards, all the while adding to the growing number of 14.2 million bathroom remodels done every year. However, you also don’t want to break the bank. And you certainly don’t want to create more problems.

How was the original bathroom placed? If the toilet, tub or sink aren’t in positions that cause issues then it’s best to simply update those aforementioned appliances and avoid touching the plumbing. Installing all new plumbing that isn’t necessary only adds a hefty total you weren’t asking for.

It’s an enticing decision to want your bathroom some kind of sprawling vista finished with fountains and birds chirping in the wind. Stop it. It’s hard to resist the urge to want a beautifully done

Safe Painting for The Nursery Is Not The Only Careful Research to Be Done When Decorating

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When decorating the nursery in your home, there are many options for safe paint for the nursery. Safe decorations, in general, are important when it comes to the nursery, and things like organic materials for wall, ceiling, and floor updates are helpful. Additionally, safety can be maintained with low VOC paint, eco friendly primer, and other materials during the painting process.

Safe Paint for The Nursery

There are many ways to confirm that you safely paint the nursery and other rooms inside your home. Some things could be the need to avoid the side effects of polyurethane fumes during the paint process, or the value of having odorless paints from the actual pain process throughout the rest of your time there. Other things could include non-toxic clear coats, low odor paint, and other health-focused paints.

Other Safe Painting Options

Safe p

The Uses of a Heat Pump

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American homes often have climate control utilities built into them; that is, air conditioning, a furnace, a heat pump, and so on. What is a heat pump? This is a device that can regulate the flow of heat, either to cool down or warm up a certain area with the use of condensers and heat sinks. A new homeowner will have to become familiar with the utilities in their house, and such a person may indeed wonder “what is a heat pump?” This topic is simple enough, and ordinary air conditioning services can be called upon, or furnace repairs contractors, to fix various heat pump systems. When a home’s heat pumps are worn out or faulty, it’s time to get professionals on the scene to fix things. What sort of problems might affect a heat pump? And for those who don’t know, what is a heat pump, anyway?

What Is A Heat Pump

Put simply, a heat pump is a system that will coll

Hiring Plumbers to Clear Out Grease and Fat in the Pipes

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Every house has plumbing, whether connected to a public utility or a private well or septic tank. In rural areas, septic disposal of solids is common, and a septic tank needs cleaning every so often. In more urban areas, homes are connected to public sewage facilities instead, but either model of sewage disposal may sometimes face clogging issues in the pipes. When this happens, grease disposal may be essential for clearing out backed-up plumbing. Plumbing services can be called upon to clear out the pipes, and grease disposal is certainly something to take seriously. If not, pipes can become clogged, and this can spell disaster. Grease disposal, when done correctly, can keep pipes clear. What is there to know about safe grease disposal and caring for one’s plumbing?

Proper Grease Disposal

Sewage pipes are designed to handle waste water and other materials, but some substances

How To Protect Your Family From Radon Here In The United States

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Radon is a danger to many people all throughout the United States, but because so many people don’t even know that radon is present in their homes, it can be hard to combat indeed. After all, radon is unable to be seen with the naked eye and is also virtually odorless. Unless you’re performing radon testing, it’s unlikely that you’d easily be able to know whether or not radon was present in any given home.

And the dangers of radon can certainly be many. In fact, radon exposure has even been declared the second leading cause of lung cancer, second only behind smoking alone – according to data that was gathered by the Surgeon General. Unfortunately, this means that up to 20,000 lung cancer deaths are directly caused by radon exposure on a yearly basis here in the United States alone, let alone elsewhere all throughout the world. And as lung cancer is often not caught and treated until it has progressed quite a bit, there is no doubting the danger of it and the pain that such a diagn