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I’m Eric Brophy, a carpenter and homebuilder with 16 years experience doing the job right, the old-fashioned way. What they used to say is true — measure twice, cut once. If you plan out a project from the start, with blueprints, a bill of materials, the whole nine yards, you may seem to be wasting time at the start, but it’s time saved on having to do the job again when it just doesn’t fit. Whether you’re building in the city or off the grid, ground-up or touch-up, I can guarantee you’ll find home improvement tips for your next DIY project at home.

When Disaster Strikes: Protecting Water Purity Before and After Storms

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Natural disasters commonly put residential water drinkability at risk. Hurricanes and rainstorms can overwhelm water treatment plants with an unexpected influx of runoff and flood waters. When this occurs, bacteria from streets, sewage, and other undesirable sources can contaminate the water supply. Even if your home has a private well, storm runoff can bring fertilizer, chemicals, or manure from surrounding fields into your well, resulting in polluted water.

If the forecast indicates a major storm is on the horizon, take action to ensure you’ll have access to potable water throughout the event. Here are 4 steps to protect your drinking water before, during, and after a major storm:

Before the Storm

Fill and Freeze


Grab any clean plastic containers you can find, and start filling them with safe tap water. Fill containers until you think you have enough for at least a week, and possibly more if the storm will be significant. The FDA also recommends placing some containers in your freezer, which will keep the water cooler and cleaner for a longer period of time after the power goes out.

Head to the Store


The FDA also recommends purchasing a supply of bottled water and larger water jugs at the store. Keep the bottles somewhere floodwaters won’t reach. This method ensures that you have some water in convenient bottles, and is a good backup if your main supply becomes compromised during the storm.

During the Boil-Water Advisory


When floodwaters arrive, your area may issue a boil water advisory, which warns residents that the water supply has polluted water which should be boiled to kill bacteria. During this time, stick to your safe supply whenever possible. If you run out, be sure to boil water from the faucet for at least one minute before using it to cook, brush your teeth, clean, or drink.

After the All-Clear


After your area has lifted the boil water notice, it is still a good idea to have your own water system tested. If you’re one of the 48 million people in the U.S. who have a private or household well, testing is even more crucial. Water purity experts can test your supply to see if you still have polluted water, and recommend water treatment options. It may take a few months before you’re back to having clean water.

When disaster strikes, accessing basic necessities like clean water can suddenly become a challenge. Use this guide to ride out the storm without facing dangerous dehydration. For more information about water purity and filtration, visit our website today!

The Need for Professional Rodent Removal at Any Possible Time

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Different rodents invade human life daily, requiring a great deal of control and removal. We often need professional rodent removal when these creatures make their way into our homes or even into our yards. Sometimes the weather or climate draws many rodents into a large area, such as a neighborhood where they could have access to almost every yard and home.

The Value of Professional Rodent Removal

Without rodent removal, they would be able to eliminate as much as 50% of our food supply. Many rodents and pests can access our garbage, tearing through everything we have thrown away and depleting the work of waste disposal teams. So much disaster provided by invasive rodents eliminated so many clean homes and yards, while also potentially bringing in disease. It just requires the need for rodent control in the long run.

Different Animal and Rodent Removal Services

Many different professional rodent r

Amazing Heat Gained from Residential and Other Boilers

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From single-family homes to large-scale apartment complexes, boilers provide warmth and comfort. Many different energy-efficient, high-quality gas, and oil-fired residential boilers can be designed to fit the tightest spaces in any home. Boiler controls and zone controllers can also be tailored to any size residential application. Boilers and other heating systems offer energy efficient heat and consistent warm comfort for your home.

What Are Residential Boilers?

A boiler is the heating unit used to create hot water or steam for hydronic baseboard heaters or radiant heat or steam for radiator heating systems. Boilers use a variety of fuels including natural gas, propane, oil. or electricity. Residential boilers are Ideal heating systems for homes in northern regions because they integrate easily with the existing radiators or under-floor heating systems. For this reaso

Benefits of the Mini Split AC Unit Versus HVAC

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With air conditioners being a common utility in the United States, existing in about a third of all homes, there is much to learn about the efficiency and cost savings needed from your air conditioner. It could be part of the HVAC system installed in your home, or it could be a separate air conditioner that works on its own.

The Cost of Air Conditioning

With a third of the nation financing air conditioning in their homes every year, about 11 billion dollars is spent among them annually. It is important to know that regular maintenance helps keep air conditioners running efficiently and efficient air conditioners can help reduce energy use by as much as 50%. With the ability to cut energy costs with efficient practices and air conditioners, such as the Mini Split AC, there is a great deal that can be saved over the course of a year.

What is Mini Split AC

Mini split AC is often a ductless option that is used for indoor gardeners who work to keep their growing

Easy-To-Install Accessories That Can Maximize Your Storage Container Space

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Cargo storage containers are a great way to safely and securely store your belongings on your own property without having to use a storage facility. On-site storage containers can come especially in handy at times like now, during the holidays, when you need to make extra space inside your home for guests.

But sometimes a storage container isn’t enough. You may need additional storage container accessories to make your storage container more readily accessible.

That said, here are some of the top container accessories you can use to maximize your on-site storage space.

OSHA-certified storage container ramps

There’s a reason why heavy furniture, equipment, and other belongings are often put on wheels when moving them around. When you move them on your own or even with a buddy, you can suffer an injury. Even the strongest of folks can end up with a slipped disc.

OSHA-certified storage container ramps that are able to accommodate up to 750 pounds, but are also light-weight themselves, make for a great accessory to your storage container. You won’t have to worry about lifting heavy furniture up into the container ever again.

Storage container shelving

Organization is crucial when it comes to your storage container unit. One of the best ways you can keep your storage container organized is by utilizing shelf space.

By installing shelves in your storage container, you’re able to use not just the floor space but also the wall space. What’s more, you’re able to easily access smaller items rather than searching for their labeled box.

Storage container lights

Speaking of being able to see your belongings in your storage container, lights are another essential accessory you can install in your on-site storage.

Eagle Leasing provides storage container light bars that are not only easy to install in your shipping container but are also extremely durable, rechargeable, and use 120-watt LED bulbs.

Where can I find cargo storage containers for rent near me?

It’s no secret that cargo containers are popular. In fact, the global container market is expected to jump by 4.7% by 2019.

Whether you’re looking for cargo storage containers for rent or shipping container accessories such as fork trump ramps and shelves for storage containers, we have what you need. To learn more about our custom shipping containers for rent, contact us today for more information.


Buying Bamboo Flooring

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Flooring is an aspect of home and commercial building construction that many people take for granted, but that makes it no less important for a building, and occupants are bound to notice if a home’s floor is in bad shape, whether it be warped, scratched, or stained and discolored. For many years in the United States, hardwood floor construction has been dominant in construction, but in recent years, bamboo hardwood has emerged as a competitor, and there are some distinct advantages to this new type of floor, although the disadvantages of bamboo flooring should be noted before someone buys bamboo planks or starts a construction project. What are the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring? Is bamboo strength substantial? There are some factors for any homeowner to consider before launching a floor remodeling project.

The Flooring Industry

Flooring is a big bu

Taking A Look At How To Select Your Bedroom Furniture In The United States

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Decorating your home can be an incredibly fun thing to do, and many people enjoy the process of this. Unfortunately, however, most people are currently not happy with their home decor and furnishings, with nearly 15% actually stating that their home decor has a negative effect on their mood, leading them to feel stressed and overall gloomy. And only around one fifth of all home owners here in the United States are completely satisfied with the decor and furnishings found in their living spaces.

Much of this simply has to do with a lack of updating, as homes can quickly feel outdated if they are not actively kept feeling fresh, even with just small changes. Unfortunately, far too many people neglect to ever really update their homes, with nearly 10% of the home owning population in the United States forgoing redecorating for as many as ten whole years at the current date. And more than 45% (around 47%, to be more exact) haven’t invested in home decor for at least five years.


3 Tips for Building an Energy Efficient Home

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Moving into a new home is an exciting time in your life. However, it’s wise to ensure that your new home is energy efficient. Before choosing your construction materials, you’ll want to know how to increase the energy efficiency of your home by making wise choices. If you’re wanting a more efficient home, it’s wise to utilize a few helpful tips. In this post, you’ll learn how to build an energy efficient property.

Designing an Energy Efficient Home

There are many benefits associated with having an energy efficient home. Many energy efficient homeowners find that living in these properties means spending far less on electric, heating, and cooling bills. In addition, living in an energy efficient home means you’re doing your part to help the environment. It’s understandable to wonder how you can begin enjoying these benefits. With that in mind, here are three important ways to design an energy efficient home.

Implementing Proper Solar Room Orientation

Many peo

How Old Is the Heating and Cooling System in Your Current Home?

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Nearly 60 degrees on Thanksgiving day and down in the teens on the Sunday after. This is exactly the kind of week when HVAC services throughout the Midwest are tested. In fact, there are times in the same month in some parts of the country where heating and cooling services can run in the same week. Even when you swear, for instance, that you are not going to turn the furnace on in October, for example, it is difficult to stick to this idea when the temperatures dip below freezing for two days in a row. Likewise, you may be certain that you will not turn on the air conditioning inApril, but a week of temperatures in the 90s can force your hand.
You can let the politicians and the scientists argue all they want about climate change, but when it comes to the comfort of your own family in your home it is important to make sure that you are able to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.
HVAC Services Play important Roles in Keeping Homes and Offices Comfortable

Here’s How Dryer Vent Cleaning Can Keep Your Home Safe

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House fires have a wide variety of potential causes, but a huge proportion is started as a result of dryer vent issues. In fact, 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year and cause an estimated five deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. Clogging and blockages can have a number of negative implications on your home, and more importantly, your personal safety. Here are just a few reasons to consider professional dryer vent cleaning services.

Improve Dryer Efficiency

Think of your dryer as a furnace whose filter needs changing every so often. If you don’t clean out your dryer vents frequently enough, they’ll start to clog with lint and debris, making your dryer work harder just to achieve the same output. Keeping the vents clear ensures that your dryer is running as efficiently as possible at all times.

Reduce Fire Risk

As mentioned, dryer blockages cause countless house fires each and every year, making it worthwhile to improve your home’s safety and keep yours clear as well. It’s not easy to determine when your vents need to be cleaned since the blockages aren’t always visible. Consult a professional for an assessment and an estimate. It’s always better to take care of any blockages before they become large enough to pose a risk to your home or your personal health and safety.

Reduce Allergens

Here’s a rather surprising advantage of investing in dryer vent cleaning services: having clean vents can actually help to reduce the symptoms associated with allergies. Allergen growth occurs in every home and can affect the health of your family. Addressing the areas where moisture is most likely to accumulate is one of the best strategies to minimize the symptoms of allergies.

Increase Dryer Lifespan

As mentioned, dryer vent clogs can cause your dryer to work harder than it has to, and the more debris that’s accumulated, the more overworked your dryer will be. This reduced efficiency typically results in your dryer breaking down much sooner than usual. Keep your dryer efficient, maximize its lifespan, and reduce the risk of house fires by keeping the vents clear with dryer vent cleaning services.

Ultimately, dryer vent cleaning services offer countless benefits to your home and personal safety — don’t hesitate to reach out for a professional evaluation. For more information about fire protection systems including sprinkler system installations, contact us today.