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What You Should Do Before, During and After a Winter Storm

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As these hot summer months finally come to a close, it is time for everyone to start getting ready for winter! Some of you are very excited at that prospect and then others are disappointed summer is already winding down. If you are going to be using propane or residential propane services during the winter then you should start being by being prepared. Safety is a big issue when it comes to residential propane services. Using propane fuel and propane tanks can be very cost effective but you have to make sure that you are being very safe. The great thing about propane is that a storm isn’t going to knock it out like it would electricity s

6 Types of Windows to Choose From When Re-Doing Your Home

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If you are re-doing the windows on your house, then you will need to take a good look at what your options are depending on what your needs are. There are many different types of windows to choose from. You may be surprised at how many choices you are going to be faced with. It’s better to have an idea of what you want before sitting down with a decorator or contractor. It’ll make the process go a lot more smoothly. Figuring out your budget will narrow your options as well. Hopefully this window buying guide will give you a better idea of what is available to you.

Casement Windows
These type of windows have a hinge on either side and open outward when you turn the crank handle. The great thing about a casement window is that it has excellent ventilation because of how wide it can open. Als