Easy-To-Install Accessories That Can Maximize Your Storage Container Space

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Cargo storage containers are a great way to safely and securely store your belongings on your own property without having to use a storage facility. On-site storage containers can come especially in handy at times like now, during the holidays, when you need to make extra space inside your home for guests.

But sometimes a storage container isn’t enough. You may need additional storage container accessories to make your storage container more readily accessible.

That said, here are some of the top container accessories you can use to maximize your on-site storage space.

OSHA-certified storage container ramps

There’s a reason why heavy furniture, equipment, and other belongings are often put on wheels when moving them around. When you move them on your own or even with a buddy, you can suffer an injury. Even the strongest of folks can end up with a slipped disc.

OSHA-certified storage container ramps that are able to accommodate up to 750 pounds, but are also light-weight themselves, make for a great accessory to your storage container. You won’t have to worry about lifting heavy furniture up into the container ever again.

Storage container shelving

Organization is crucial when it comes to your storage container unit. One of the best ways you can keep your storage container organized is by utilizing shelf space.

By installing shelves in your storage container, you’re able to use not just the floor space but also the wall space. What’s more, you’re able to easily access smaller items rather than searching for their labeled box.

Storage container lights

Speaking of being able to see your belongings in your storage container, lights are another essential accessory you can install in your on-site storage.

Eagle Leasing provides storage container light bars that are not only easy to install in your shipping container but are also extremely durable, rechargeable, and use 120-watt LED bulbs.

Where can I find cargo storage containers for rent near me?

It’s no secret that cargo containers are popular. In fact, the global container market is expected to jump by 4.7% by 2019.

Whether you’re looking for cargo storage containers for rent or shipping container accessories such as fork trump ramps and shelves for storage containers, we have what you need. To learn more about our custom shipping containers for rent, contact us today for more information.


Here’s How Dryer Vent Cleaning Can Keep Your Home Safe

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House fires have a wide variety of potential causes, but a huge proportion is started as a result of dryer vent issues. In fact, 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year and cause an estimated five deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. Clogging and blockages can have a number of negative implications on your home, and more importantly, your personal safety. Here are just a few reasons to consider professional dryer vent cleaning services.

Improve Dryer Efficiency

Think of your dryer as a furnace whose filter needs changing every so often. If you don’t clean out your dryer vents frequently enough, they’ll start to clog with lint and debris, making your dryer work harder just to achieve the same output. Keeping the vents clear ensures that your dryer is running as efficiently as possible at all times.

Reduce Fire Risk

As mentioned, dryer blockages cause countless house fires each and every year, making it worthwhile to improve your home’s safety and keep yours clear as well. It’s not easy to determine when your vents need to be cleaned since the blockages aren’t always visible. Consult a professional for an assessment and an estimate. It’s always better to take care of any blockages before they become large enough to pose a risk to your home or your personal health and safety.

Reduce Allergens

Here’s a rather surprising advantage of investing in dryer vent cleaning services: having clean vents can actually help to reduce the symptoms associated with allergies. Allergen growth occurs in every home and can affect the health of your family. Addressing the areas where moisture is most likely to accumulate is one of the best strategies to minimize the symptoms of allergies.

Increase Dryer Lifespan

As mentioned, dryer vent clogs can cause your dryer to work harder than it has to, and the more debris that’s accumulated, the more overworked your dryer will be. This reduced efficiency typically results in your dryer breaking down much sooner than usual. Keep your dryer efficient, maximize its lifespan, and reduce the risk of house fires by keeping the vents clear with dryer vent cleaning services.

Ultimately, dryer vent cleaning services offer countless benefits to your home and personal safety — don’t hesitate to reach out for a professional evaluation. For more information about fire protection systems including sprinkler system installations, contact us today.

Achieve Your Pool Dreams With These Perfect Pool Deck Materials

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Your pool deck should be a stand-out feature of your backyard while also ensuring the safety of your family as they use the pool all summer long. Two options that are both aesthetically pleasing and family-friendly are flagstone and pebble paving pool decks.

Flagstone Pool Decks

Choosing flagstone for your pool deck or patio gives it a very natural look that enhances landscaping and architectural features. The flagstone tends to be broken into larger chunks than pebble options and is flat on the surface. Although the stones are flat, their texture makes them slip-resistant, ensuring the safety of any accident-prone family or friends. Depending on your region and availability, this stone can be made of sandstone, limestone, quartzite, granite, or porphyry. When flagstone is broken up for paving, it transforms into a wide assortment of shapes and sizes including squares, rectangles, triangles, and anything in between. When they’re fit together, it creates a puzzle-like design that’s sure to make your pool deck stand out.

Pebble Paving Pool Decks

Any quality paving company knows that pebble paving is an increasingly popular option for pool decks as they are more interesting than plain concrete but still easy to repair and replace. These stones are much smaller than flagstone, creating a busier pattern that looks like one continuous design as opposed to flagstone’s separated shapes. The textured surface provides great traction for walking on the deck.

Maintain Your Pool Deck By Maintaining Your Pool

You want your pool deck to last for many years. The best way to ensure its longevity is by properly maintaining your pool.

  • Test the chemical balance of the pool water at least one time per week.


  • Wait until the pool water’s pH and carbonate alkalinity are in an acceptable range to chlorinate your pool.


  • Use a bristled pool brush made of nylon to clean the stones around and in your pool. Brushing away any dirt and debris immediately near the pool is important in maintaining the water’s quality.


  • Don’t panic if pebbles come loose during the first few weeks of installation. This is normal while your new deck settles.

When you install a flagstone or pebble paving pool deck you’ll be staying on trend, as 38% of homeowners who upgrade their patios, pathways, driveways, and terraces use gravel and crushed rock, according to the 2017 Houzz Landscape Trends study. And to make sure your pool deck lasts for years to come, call a trusted paving company for installation and repairs.

Repainting Your Office? The Color You Choose Could Impact Your Energy Efficiency

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Color is known to have a psychological impact on the productivity of your employees and the buying behavior of your customers. In fact, using the color blue strategically throughout your business not only helps keep employees alert but also makes consumers feel they can trust you.

But it’s important to remember that the colors you choose to paint your business can have an impact on other factors as well. Like your business’ energy efficiency.

How does paint color impact energy efficiency?

Dark paint colors can absorb between 70% and 90% radiant energy from the sun. This means that the rooms (or even the outside of your building) with these paint colors will stay warmer throughout the day.

This might seem great during the cooler months. But during the summer it can rack up your energy bills because of how hard your HVAC system will need to run to keep the building cool.

What colors are recommended for painting?

It’s true that lighter colors reflect heat, which can help your business maximize its energy efficiency. But dark colors aren’t always bad for your business.

For instance, darker colors can still be energy efficient when placed in a room that has no exterior walls and fewer windows.

But there are many other factors to consider before choosing a paint color for your business as well. Darker colors can make certain rooms feel smaller whereas lighter colors make the room feel larger.

Additionally, employees and consumers may feel more at ease in rooms that are lighter in color but warm in tone. This is because the lighter colors can make your business feel open, bright, and inviting.

If you do decide to choose darker paint colors for your business, it’s recommended that you use the right shades on your windows. Black-out shades can help keep the heat of the sun from being absorbed into your office space.

Who can I call for air conditioner repair?

Everyone needs to keep cool during the summer months and warm in the winter. That’s why the HVAC industry has grown 2.6% every year since 2012.

Whether you need an HVAC repair or an air conditioner installation for your place of business, Even Temp is the HVAC service Wichita Kansas knows and trusts. To learn more about our HVAC system installations and repairs, contact the HVAC service of Even Temp today.

How to Adjust the Climate Control of Your Grow Room to Increase Yield (Part Two)

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In the last article, the lighting and temperature of your grow room climate control were covered.

Too much lighting, or too little, can hinder yield. Lighting also produces heat, which often leads growers to miss their 20-degree window. You should heat your grow room between 65- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit, but with the heat produced from lighting, you may only have to worry about cooling. The larger the operation, the less efficient small-scale cooling systems such as window air conditioning units become.

In this article, you’ll learn about the air flow, humidity, and carbon dioxide of your grow room.

Keep Air Moving

Proper air circulation is extremely important to your crop. Still or stagnant air can introduce mold, which can quickly kill your crop (not a situation you want to be in). Airflow can also help your plants grow stronger stems and branches. When your plants soak up the water through their roots, the water travels throughout the entire plant. The water that isn’t absorbed by the plant is evaporated via pores, just like the ones you have on your skin. The evaporated water hangs in the air that surrounds your plant. If it stays there, it’ll keep your plant too moist and cause mold and fungus build up. Sometimes all you need is to run a few fans, other times your solution may be more complex — especially if you’re using an air transfer system.

Humidity Control

Air movement brings up humidity control, which is a huge aspect of climate control. The transpiration rate of your plants, which is the process of evaporation that was just mentioned, can be influenced via humidity control. Unfortunately, controlling the humidity in your grow room isn’t as easy as it sounds and is completely different than, say, the flood and drain hydroponics systems you might be using. Lower humidity levels, as in those under 20%, can actually stunt plant growth by depriving the plant of necessary hydration. Smaller operations might be able to get away with a residential dehumidifier could work just fine, but a larger operation might require the expertise of an experienced grower to help you get set up. You can look into commercial dehumidifiers to help you control humidity, but you’ll need to figure out how much humidity is required for your setup first.

Carbon Dioxide Levels

Because the necessary CO2 levels can vary depending on the other aspects of your climate control, CO2 is one of the nutrients that you consider as a part of climate control. Too much or too little CO2 can affect your plant growth just like any other nutrient, and things like time of day/night, and growth phase can dictate how much you need. Often, growers use compressed CO2 on a timed-release, while others are more sophisticated and rely on electronic sensors. You should always consider your CO2 as part of your climate control, as well as a supplement in flood and drain hydroponics.

Each grow room will be a little different depending on what the variables are, as well as the preferences of the grower. As a new grower, you should welcome the advice of seasoned growers and invite those with experience to help you set up your operation.

Need equipment to run flood and drain hydroponics? Do you need netting, mesh, cloners, and more? Then check us out today.

Breathe Easy: How Can I Improve The Air Quality In My Workplace?

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We spend up to 80% of our time indoors. And at least half of that time is spent in the workplace.

Unfortunately, the EPA estimates that the indoor air we breathe so often is between two and five times dirtier than the air outside.

So what can we do to improve the air quality in our workplace to breathe a better (and healthier) sigh of relief?

Identity What’s Causing Your Indoor Air Problems

Before you can improve the air in your workplace, you need to identify the source of the issue. One of the most common workplace complaints stems from poor ventilation.

Poor ventilation can cause all kinds of problems including bad odors, allergy symptoms, and respiratory infections. Other common issues related to poor indoor air in the workplace include:

    • Contamination due to building fabric
    • Contamination from within the building such as spills
    • Contamination from outside the building such as rain
    • Contamination due to microbes

What Do I Do After Finding The Issue?

Not everyone can find the source of their air quality issue. If you’re unable to locate the source of the problem (or even if you have) it’s in your best interest to contact an HVAC repair service.

An HVAC repair service will be able to help you identify the source of the problem and whether it’s fixable. In some cases, your HVAC system may only need a minor repair. But in other cases, you may need to completely replace your system.

An HVAC service may also be able to help you determine whether the problem is with your HVAC system at all. The problem with your air quality may be related to humidity rather than the system itself.

In either case, it’s a good idea to have a professional come and take a look at your system rather than attempting to fix the issue yourself. The last thing you want is to damage your HVAC system more or potentially end up injuring your employees. Although you may think you’ll save money by repairing the HVAC system yourself, you could accidentally make a small issue worse.

Whether you’re in need of an air conditioner repair or a new HVAC system installation, Even Temp is there for you. To learn more about our air conditioner repair, HVAC service, or plumbing services, contact us today.

Is Summer a Good Time for Home Improvement Projects?

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Many homeowners choose to take on home improvement projects during the winter months — after all, you’re cooped up inside anyways so you might as well be productive. But what happens when the project isn’t done in time for hosting for the holidays? Or when you can’t use an entire room for a month and go a little stir-crazy? This is why summer makes the ideal time for home improvement projects. While there’s really no perfect time to tackle a big home remodeling project, let’s take a look at a few reasons summer is a good time for these projects.

You can spend time outside. One of the big problems with doing home remodeling during the colder months is that there’s really nowhere to escape to. But when you do home remodeling during the summer, it’s easy to find things to do outside of the house while the home remodeling contractors do their work. This is especially important if you’re remodeling a key part of the home, like the kitchen. If it’s nice outside, you and the family can cook outdoors and find entertainment outside of the home instead of being cooped up inside with the remodeling going on.

The weather is better for workers: If you’re having work done on your home, you’re probably going to feel guilty asking workers to work on your home in the bitter cold winter weather. But when it’s summertime, workers won’t have to worry about bundling up in layers to get the job done. While not all remodeling can be done in the summer heat, it’s often easier to get home improvement jobs done quicker in the summer. Additionally, the longer days mean workers will have more time to work during the day if they choose to do so.

You’ll have more time to reorganize. In a few short months, school will pick up again and then soon after it will already be time for the holidays. This means the beginning of summer is the perfect time to have remodeling done because you’ll have plenty of time to get things back in order before busy schedules start again. If you try to cram a remodeling project in right before the holidays, you may find yourself struggling to have everything ready and put the house back in order.

Home remodeling projects are not only great for your enjoyment of your home, but for the value of your home as well. In fact, Home Advisor shows that an average basement remodel can have up to a 70% ROI. So if you’re thinking about doing some home improvement, this summer is a great time to do it.

3 Advantages of Using Video Inspections Over Other Methods For Your Pipes

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New technology has paved the way for advancements in all sorts of industries, including plumbing. Among those advancements in plumbing services are video inspections. During the process of video inspections, a video camera is inserted into a sewer line or drain while the image from the camera is projected onto a screen for plumbing contractors to view. Here are some benefits of video inspections over other types of pipe inspections.

Cost effective

There are several ways that a video inspection can save you money. First, the process takes much less time than other methods, so the job itself costs much less. Secondly, you save in landscaping costs. If you need to dig up your entire lawn to get at your pipes, you’re going to have to pay a lot to get that covered up and fixed. You might even ruin a garden you worked hard on.

Less invasive

As stated previously, video inspections don’t require you to dig up your entire yard. You can detect any problem that might be wrong with your lines without having to take huge chunks out of your lawn. You aren’t disturbing your neighbors with noisy construction, and you don’t have to get as many local permits to get the job done.

Better detection

Without a video camera, plumbers could only fix leaking pipes and clogs in areas that they could physically see. With video inspections, the contractor can see what is causing the clog or leak and repair the issue in one simple trip. It also helps you understand what is getting into your pipes.

Video inspections can diagnose problems like clogs or leaks much more efficiently than digging up your yard to find the problem. Leaky kitchen and bathroom faucets, malfunctioning toilets, errant sprinkler systems, and much more can waste 1 trillion gallons of water every year. That’s equal to the yearly household water use of more than 11 million homes, according to the EPA. By detecting water leaks in your pipes through video inspections, you can save yourself a lot on your water bill as well as preserve Mother Nature’s precious water supply.

5 Reasons Vinyl Indisputably Makes The Best Bathroom Floors

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vinyl flooringDid you know that vinyl flooring was invented more than 80 years ago? Today it maintains its reputation for resilience and value. Its physical flexibility and water resistance put vinyl floors among the best options for your new bathroom. When considering a bathroom remodel, keep in mind the many advantages of vinyl flooring.

  1. Ease of Installation
    Since vinyl is lightweight, less labor is needed to install the floor. Along those lines, vinyl is flexible, making tricky angles and force fitting pieces into place a thing of the past.
  2. Improved Aesthetic
    This is typically considered a downside of vinyl, but in recent years both the quality of the material and the patterns found on it have improved greatly. Sometimes vinyl is indistinguishable from tile floors.
  3. Cost Effective
    Tile, hardwood, marble, carpet, and laminate to a lesser degree are all typically more expensive than vinyl. For something that can look just as nice as any other option, is easier to install, and more durable, vinyl makes you wonder why everything else costs so much.
  4. Waterproof
    Vinyl is 100% waterproof if installed with care. Ensuring there are no gaps between vinyl planks or tiles is an essential step, but due to the ease of installation, this should be no problem. Ceramic tile also is similarly waterproof, but at a much higher price.
  5. Comfortable
    Vinyl flooring isn’t for everywhere in your home. It’s not as comfortable as, say, the carpet in your bedroom. For the bathroom it is simply the best option. Why? Ceramic tiles, the main contender for bathroom flooring, get really cold in the winter. Step barefoot on a vinyl floor no matter what temperature it is, and it won’t make you jump out of your skin from your suddenly freezing feet. Try the same on tile and you’ll see what truly sets these two bathroom flooring options apart.

Vinyl is a versatile material for many different practical uses, but it really shines when used for bathroom flooring. All of its positive qualities come together to form the best bathroom floor possible.

This Year’s Furniture Trends: 5 Styles to Try

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outdoor furnitureIf your patio, deck, or balcony has been sporting the same decor for years, it may be time for an update. As with any indoor space, an outdoor space can be stylish, comfortable, and reflective of a home’s unique flavor. Before heading to the furniture store to explore new aesthetic possibilities, consider these 2017 outdoor furniture trends.

  1. Color Accents
    Adding pops of color throughout the space is a sure way to add touches of bold style while pulling together the overall look. For a larger statement, choose a boldly upholstered couch or chair. Balance the prominence of this furniture with smaller details, such as pottery, sprinkled throughout the patio. Especially if the overall color scheme is muted or neutral, placing colorful throw pillows can add a playful touch. Since it is still an outdoor space, however, keep it simple by not overwhelming the space with too many bright tones.
  2. Modern Mixed In
    Following the past several years of hyper-contemporary, minimalist trends, traditional styles are sneaking back in this year. 2017 is all about mixing modern touches, such as wall decor, lights, and pottery, with more traditional furniture pieces. So, if you’re wondering whether your trendy floor lamp can pair with your grandmother’s wicker chair, the answer is yes.
  3. Your Outdoor Living Room
    Plushy couches now have a place on your patio. Stylish, comfortable outdoor furniture can now look similar to your indoor furniture. These patio pieces are simply more durable, upholstered to endure outdoor conditions.
  4. Mixed Up Styles
    Now is the time to mix and match materials. Personalize your space with a variety of colors, finishes and glazes. This year, there is no need for a completely uniform look. Place a metal bench next to a wooden end table, for example. There are no rules here.
  5. Natural Materials
    Styles of the past several years have been a testament to all things industrial and minimal. This year, however, nature is making a comeback. Find creative ways to incorporate natural materials into your deck, balcony or patio. Consider using rocks and wood as your hard materials. Hanging wings and hammocks is also a functional way to create an authentic, outdoorsy feel.

This year’s trends for outdoor spaces are breaking the minimalist rules of the past few years by playing with color and material. Create your ideal look by incorporating your own personal tastes as well. Among homeowners who are revamping their outdoor spaces, over half spend at least six hours there, mostly gardening, relaxing, and entertaining. With your new stylish outdoor furniture, we promise you will never want to come inside.