Things Every Locksmith Should Learn

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Being a locksmith is often a profitable career that is in a growing market. Over the last five years, there has been a growth of 1.9% in the locksmith industry, reaching a revenue of $2 billion in 2018. However, there is a way to make more money and to expand your business. This is by learning some handy lockpicking skills that can diversify your services and make you more useful to your customers. Let’s take a look at some of the tasks that every locksmith should learn to do.

1. Picking Car Locks

Lock picks for cars are not something every average person knows how to use or has on hand. This is why it can be such a pain when someone gets locked out of their car, and why they often have to call a professional for help. Learning how to use lock picks for cars helps to add another service to your list and gives you a skill that can make your business more competitive. Investing in a car opening tool and learning how to use it will make you a more valuable business owner to customers in your area.

2. Home Lockpicking

People don’t just get locked out of cars. They also get locked out of their homes or out of specific rooms in their homes. Learning how to pick a variety of locks means that you can offer a new service and come to the rescue whenever someone is in this situation. It’s a great way to expand your business and bring in more income.

3. Key Extraction

Another problem that people face is that their keys sometimes break. Their car key or house key can break off in the ignition or the lock and cause a big problem. Key extractors are the ones who help with this problem because they are trained to extract keys when they break. This also gives you a good chance to promote your locksmithing business, because the key owner will obviously need a new key made.

These three skills are all wonderful things to know to make you a more well-rounded locksmith. You can use the knowledge you already have from creating locks and keys to learn how to navigate these tasks with more ease. You can over more services to your clients and become one of the most popular locksmiths in your area.

Why Servicing Your AC is Important

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Your AC unit can be a lifesaver on a hot summer day. As the temperatures get higher and higher, our need for a balancing force seems to grow exponentially. Having an AC system is a necessity for many households, but this asset can devolve into a headache if it isn’t properly taken care of. The need to maintain your AC in your home cannot be overstated. Far too often, people feel AC is a “set it and forget it” kind of system. However, it is actually a delicate, complex mechanism that needs regular care. The best way to make sure your AC is getting the love it needs is to have a professional AC technician come in and check it out. There are several reasons to check your AC on a regular basis and also compelling reasons to make sure it is done by a pro. Here are some tips to help you make sure you take great care of the system that takes such good care of you in the summer time.

It Must Run Efficiently

Your air conditioning system needs to be able to operate at capacity during the times when you need it most. As it pulls in air, it takes the heat out of it and gives you cooler air that in turn drops the temperature in your home. An understanding of how this works will help explain why it is so important to make sure the unit is running efficiently. AC units depend on cooling coils to extract heat from the air. The air begins in your home and is then sucked into the unit via a fan. Once inside, it goes past coils filled with cooling liquid. As the air passes through this area, the heat is drawn out from it. Once the heat has been taken out, it gets outputted via a fan that blows it outside. If you’ve ever been outside and walked by an AC unit that is running, you will feel the warm air coming from it. The heat in that air is the heat that was extracted from the warm air inside the building the rest of the AC unit is cooling. The cooled down air is sent back into the building and those inside feel cooler air as a result. This process happens continuously. As the air travels, it passes through filters that help keep dust, dirt and undesirable things from unnecessarily affecting those inside.

You can probably already see why a failure of one part of the system could result in striking inefficiencies. Take, for example the coils that cool the air. If the liquid isn’t properly dispersed inside them, or if the unit needs to be charged with fresh cooling liquid, when the air passes by the deficient coils, the heat will not be properly extracted from it. This creates an inefficiency. The air will likely feel cooler when it comes out, but that doesn’t mean it’s as cool as it should be. Because your thermostat is set at a certain temperature, your AC unit will have to stay on longer in order to bring the room down to the desired range. This results in an overworked AC unit and significantly higher electricity bills. It would be wise to have someone come look at it and give you the CC repair you need.

The Right—and Clean–Filters

The filters in your AC unit cannot be taken for granted. The filtration system helps keep the air clean. Excessive dust is caught in the filters, which blocks it from entering your home. Filters are in several areas of HVAC systems for this same reason. A residential AC unit is going to run better with the proper filter, and it needs to be clean. If not, the movement of air can be restricted, and the cycle of air going in, out, and being sent back into your home will be interrupted.

Is Your System Efficient Enough?

The cost of electricity is significant enough to often justify an upgrade to a higher efficiency system. Also, in some areas, you can get a rebate from your utility company for as much as $400. Having a pro come and check if you can benefit from this and other maintenance is well worth the money.

Things To Look For When Hiring A Plumber

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The bathroom means different things to different people. For some, it is a quiet, almost office-like ritual that repeats itself during specific times of the day. For others, some quality time in the bath is the perfect capper after a hectic day. Still, others may find themselves working on their American Idol auditions while cleaning up in the shower. Regardless of what the bathroom means to you, there’s one specific thing that always needs to be working – the toilet.

There are many things that can go wrong with a toilet. You may hear a constant running from your pipes, your toilet may only flush on certain occasions or maybe it just gets clogged too often. However, the toilet is one thing nobody wants to take a major chance on, especially with how gross the consequences can be. So, has the time come for you and your family to bring in a commercial plumbing service to start the repair or upgrade process? You better make sure you are choosing a good one, if you want to continue to enjoy your bathroom time.

Necessary Plumber Qualities

Paperwork – Except in a couple of states, you need to make sure that your plumber is licensed. Additionally, making sure your plumber comes with insurance is a great way to know that everyone is protected in case of an incident.

Experience – Ideally, you want to bring in a plumber with a great deal of experience. Obviously, the more experience your plumber has, the more likely that they will know how to deal with your issue in the best and most efficient manner. That can mean everything if you end up having an unconventional issue with your toilet.

Warranty – It is always helpful to have a guarantee for the work being completed. So, if your plumber can guarantee their work and parts, you’ll have some much needed peace of mind moving forward.

There are many reasons why you may need to call in a commercial plumbing service. Toilet repair, clogged drain issues, leaky faucet problems and other related issues can be a major pain to deal with. But, when you have the assistance of a high quality commercial plumbing service, you can feel confident knowing your toilet is in the hands of a professional who can get the job done right. The toilet is one area where home repairs can go very wrong, very fast. Don’t wait until you need emergency service! Look into scheduling things now, and keep bathroom time as relaxing as it should be.

Taking A Look At How To Prevent Bug Bites This Summer

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For many people, the summer months present the very best time of the year. After a long and cold winter, getting out in the summer sunshine is a hugely ideal thing indeed, and something that many people look forward to during all other seasons. Spending time outside after being cooped up all winter is something that can be great for both physical and mental health. Of course, certain precautions will need to be taken, especially by the parents of young children.

<br>Consider, for instance, the typical pool. Swimming is, after all, the fourth most popular athletic activity in all the United States and one of the most popular summer pastimes for children of all ages. At the end of the day, spending time in the pool can be a great way to relax and cool off, but it is important for parents to be aware of their children at all times. Unfortunately, drowning is far more common than many people realize, and it is easy to miss, as it happens quite silently and does not resemble how it happens in the movies in the slightest. Therefore, taking steps to avoid drowning by watching your kids at all times is absolute key. In addition to this, any pool on your property should be fenced off and locked when not in use, to prevent your own children and even children elsewhere in the neighborhood from accidentally ending up inside it. This small step can end up saving many lives, as has been seen over the course of the years.

<br>In addition to this, the proper care and keeping of your skin is also quite critical. Preventing bug bites is hugely important, as bug bites can be both uncomfortable as well as dangerous, especially when you are bit by a mosquito. And with up to 3,000 different species around, there are plenty of mosquitoes to bite you (even though it is true that only the females of the mosquito population actually have the right body parts to actually do so). And while mosquito bites are certainly itchy, uncomfortable, and even sometimes painful, it is the diseases that can be transferred by mosquitoes through blood borne pathogens or the transfer of a parasite that can be particularly dangerous and pose the real risk. Every year, diseases transmitted by mosquitoes both end and change more lives than many people realize.

<br>Fortunately, the use of something like a fiberglass screen can effectively work to keep the mosquitoes at bay. A fiberglass screen can be erected around your pool, for instance, as pool screens have become hugely popular in recent years. A fiberglass screen as a pool screen can be particularly ideal for the fact that bug spray is likely to wash off while swimming. Therefore, a fiberglass screen or even other types of screen for porches can serve as an additional layer of defense, something that will make the purchase of the fiberglass screen in question more than worth the while.

<br>The fiberglass screen or other types of screen mesh material can be used to make your porch or patio area into a safe space as well. The typical fiberglass screen will prove effective against mosquitoes and many other types of bugs as well, meaning that the fiberglass screen can provide you with a safe haven of sorts against bug bites. However, the maintenance of a fiberglass screen or any other kind of porch mesh screening is important and all holes, even small ones, should be repaired promptly. After all, not doing so will render your fiberglass screen hugely ineffective indeed.

<br>In addition to warding off bugs with the use of something such as a fiberglass screen or the like, preventing against sun damage is also hugely important. Fortunately, this is something that can be done through the use of things like sunscreen and protective clothing. Dressing in loose layers and wearing hats can go a long way during the summer months, as can avoiding being in direct sunlight during the hottest times of the day. Taking such steps can prevent you from a great deal of skin damage indeed and will hold back both signs of aging and skin cancer alike.

The Need for Immediate Removal of Unwanted Rodents and Pests

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Rodents actually invade our lives on a daily basis and require professional rodent control and elimination services. Sometimes it is the weather or climate that draws so many rodents to a large area, where a neighborhood could provide them access to almost every yard and home. Without rodent control, they would be able to eliminate as much as 50% of our food supply.

The Value of Rodent and Pest Control

So many rodents and pests have access to our garbage, tearing through everything we have thrown away and tearing up the work that the waste disposal teams’ jobs. The disaster that rodents are able to make of our neighborhoods when we make the effort to clean out our homes is just something that requires the need for rodent control in the long run.

The Greatest Benefit of Pest Control: Remove Unwanted Rodents

Rodents and pests access your garbage at any time, opening bags and tearing through everything you throw away on a daily basis. This can make the streets unclean and add to the challenge of the weekly job of those trash disposal companies. Other rodent disasters can make property throughout our neighborhoods uclean, inviting more insects, pests, and other rodents in. With them often come bacteria and viruses that leave things unhealthy and unclean, causing long-term problems as well. Therefore, removal as soon as unwanted rodents are seen is the best option.

Different Pest Control and Removal Services

Many rodent control and removal services are able to take care of those unwanted rodents. With many different rodent control services available, you can get rid of any rodent problem almost immediately. No matter whether you have an in-home problem or outdoors, it is important to take advantage of rodent control services as soon as they are needed. So many functions are available of rodent and pest control, including:

  • Animal removal
  • Removal of destructive animals
  • Professional rodent removal
  • Rodent removal
  • Squirrel control
  • Squirrel removal
  • Removal of squirrels in the attic
  • Elimination of unwanted rodents


Unwanted Rodents and Pests Need Removal

Many different pests make it into your house, such as rats and mice, with many more that make it throughout your yard as well. All of these pests can also access your food in minutes upon entering your home, while also bringing in very dangerous bacteria that could cause horrible illnesses. In addition to your home, the problem becomes exponential from what it may be in your neighborhood or yard. There is no telling where or when these pests and rodents may enter your home, but destruction is likely to follow, so the phone number of pest control or rodent removal is always helpful.

Another consideration is the exponential population growth of rats over the past few years, along with all of the problems they can cause upon invading your home or yard. It is most important to manage these situations early, with rodent and pest control and removal. There is no need to allow your property to be destroyed by rodents and pests when these services are available all the time and everywhere.

3 Steps To Hiring A Quality Electrician

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When it’s time to hire an electrician, you’re likely already stressed about the need for an electrician at your home. The last thing you need is to accidentally hire an unqualified team of electrical contractors.

With over 566 thousand electricians in the United States alone, according to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, finding the right worker for your home is not an easy feat. That being said, with so many professionals competing for the job, you have variety as a homeowner. Here’s how to choose qualified Gainesville electricians to visit your home.

Look For Reviews And Testimonials

The best way to know if an electrician is worth your time and money is to find out what other consumers have to say. Whether you seek out a decent electrical contractor by networking with friends or browsing pages and pages of Yelp reviews, learning about consumer experiences usually gives you an idea of how professional the contractor is.

First, ask your friends and trusted acquaintances if they had any electrical work done on their house in the past year or so. Even a small job such as a generator installation counts. As long as the person hired an electrician, to fulfill a residential task, he or she is fair game.

Ask that friend about the professional’s job, work ethics, and customer service. did the electrician treat them with respect? Were the contract negotiations straightforward? Was the project completed successfully? Once your questions are answered, you can do further research on a few short-listed candidates.

Check The Business’s Reputation

Every reputable business has a rating with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB keeps profiles on all of the businesses that register with them. They also keep track of any complaints or lawsuits against any given business that may be put forth by a former customer.

Simply visit the BBB’s website, search for your chosen electrical contractors, and check out their profiles. If their BBB ratings are decent and no complaints were lodged against them, they are likely great candidates.

Ensure State Certification

Is your chosen electrician licensed to work in the state of Florida? Every team of electrical contractors Gainesville has to offer should carry individual state certifications.

State-certified electrical professionals can ensure that your home is serviced according to state specifications. They can also ensure that your electrical meter complies with the regulations and guidelines of the state of Florida.

Are Your Ready To Hire An Electrician?

Now that you know how to seek out qualified electrical contractors, it’s time to find one that meets your needs. Have you short-listed several professionals based on the above steps?

Renovate Vs Remodel: Understanding The Difference

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The popularity of home redesign shows has risen in recent years. Thanks to the lovely Chip and Joanna Gaines and the uproarious Property Brothers, homeowners are paying more attention to their livings spaces: what can be changed or improved through renovations or remodels? However, it’s important to know the difference between those two words before you go choosing new paint colors and ripping out appliances.


Renovate And Renew


At its core, renovation involves updating or fixing something that is already present. Though new components will be added in some cases, the focus of renovation is on solving a problem. For example, 98% of U.S. basements will suffer from some type of water damage during their lifetime; if a recent heavy rain or burst pipe disaster occurs and your basement is now hidden under two feet of water, you’ll need to renovate it to account for flooding repair. At the same time, outdated objects and appliances (such as old toilets, washers and dryers, and sinks) can be replaced with renovation projects.


As an added note, renovating often goes hand-in-hand with restoration, which is focused on returning the building to its original state. If your bathroom is being restored to the way it looked in the 1960s, you might want to replace that outdated tub with a more modern shower.


Remodel And Change


Remodeling, on the other hand, is preoccupied with change regardless of need. If you’re simply interested in improving the look and feel of your basement by adding carpeting, heating and cooling systems, and even an entertainment center, you’ll be pursuing a basement remodel. Generally speaking, remodeling takes a lot more time and effort. The following are examples of remodeling projects to give you a better picture.


  • Expanding the square footage of a building
  • Gutting, removing, or adding walls
  • Raising ceilings
  • Adding plumbing
  • Adding heating/cooling ducts


Fortunately, the general contractors you’ll need to rely on for either situation almost definitely specialize in both. Understanding the difference is more to help you, as a homeowner, with the expectations: remodeling projects often cost more as it requires significantly more materials, and can take a longer time to complete. When you’re aware of the reality of the situation, you’ll be better prepared for the process.

3 Important Reasons to Have Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

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Our homes have numerous ducts and vents, such as the dryer vent that runs from your dryer to the exterior of your home. All other vents are referred to as ducts. For your family’s safety and health, it’s essential to keep these ducts in top condition.

What happens if you don’t?

Routine duct and vent cleaning can prevent serious problems in the future. Here are three reasons to take this advice.

1. Fire Prevention.

The lint screen in your dryer only catches about 25% of the lint that is present. The other 75% accumulates along the walls of your dryer vent, posing a serious fire hazard. Statistics back this up. In fact, 34% of dryer fires in residences are caused by failure to clean the dryer vents, making this the number one reason for such fires. The United States Fire Administration also states that each year, 2,900 dryer fires result in approximately 100 injuries, five fatalities, and $35 million worth of property damages and losses.

Professional dryer vent cleaning and floor vent services performed on a regular basis can prevent this from happening in your home or business.

2. Better Health.

Five to seven times every day, pet dander, dust, chemicals, and other impurities in the air are drawn into your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, then recirculated. As time passes, this recirculated matter builds up in your air ducts, causing potential health problems. This is especially true for individuals with allergies or asthma.

Thorough cleaning of your ducts, including floor vent services, minimizes this issue. The ROTOBRUSH system used by Duct Squads has 90% more vacuum power, enabling them to eliminate the most severe build-up in duct systems and floor vents. Knowing that your family is breathing clean, pure air also gives you peace of mind.

3. Energy Savings.

The annual cost of utility bills for an average family in the United States is $1,900. Cooling and heating account for 54% of that cost. Sadly, anywhere between 25% and 40% of the energy used to cool or heat your home is wasted, according to the United States Department of Energy. Part of the reason for that is because the build-up of impurities in your HVAC system causes it to work less efficiently.

For maximum cost-effectiveness and efficiency, it’s recommended that the air ducts in your home be cleaned every three to five years.

Routine maintenance and cleaning of the ducts and vents in your home, including floor vent services, reduces the risk of dryer fires, improves the air quality in your home or business, and saves you money on your energy bills. When you consider these three reasons for having professional air duct and dryer vent cleaning done on a regular basis, picking up the phone to schedule this service just makes sense.

What’s the Difference Between a 3 Season Room and a 4 Season Room?

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The 2016 Houzz Landscaping and Garden Trends Study reports that about 50% of homeowners who upgrade their outdoor spaces spend at least six hours there per week. But depending on where you live, lounging in your yard may not be an option year-round. To enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while staying sheltered from the elements, a three or four season sunroom is an excellent room addition. Which home addition design is best for your lifestyle is up to you. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two.




A three season room is a true home addition. It’s often added to an existing patio or deck, which means it is separated from the rest of the house by an external wall. On the other hand, a four season room is constructed to be more integrated with the rest of the home, built in to use the existing HVAC system (which we’ll discuss in a moment).




The insulation — or lack thereof — used in this room addition constitutes the main difference between a three season room and a four season room. A four season room is constructed with insulated walls, floor, and roof, which keeps the room comfortable all year long, regardless of the weather. A three season room may be built with little to no insulation, limiting the times of year it can remain in use. Of course, if you live in a mild climate, a three season room may still be the best option since the outside temperatures will rarely drop to uncomfortable levels.


Heating and Cooling


A three season room can still benefit from a heating and cooling system, though the unit will operate independently from the rest of the home’s HVAC system. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that the lack of insulation will make it difficult to heat the room during the colder months. Because a four season room is built into the home, the climate can be controlled in accordance with the rest of the house.


Ultimately, when considering a home remodeling job that involves a room addition like a sunroom, it’s important to take climate into consideration. Warmer year-found climates don’t require extensive heating in the winter; if you live in an area like this, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the comfort of a three season room. If you need some extra warmth in those colder months, you’ll benefit from the insulation and HVAC capabilities of a four season room.


To get started on your home addition today, contact us today. We’re ready to help you create your ideal living space!


Importance of Working With Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Services

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There are dozens of important factors to constantly consider when running a business. If you want to run a successful company, not only do you have to offer a quality product or service, hire hardworking employees and keep them happy, and handle all the logistical and financial aspects of your organization, but you have to address and correct any structural concerns right away, as well.

Water and mold damage, for instance, is a common occurrence that can ruin a company’s structure and finances. According to Farmers Insurance, there has been an uptick in mold-related claims in the last decade — approximately 1,100! It’s imperative for businesses of any kind to work with commercial services that offer water damage cleanup and mold removal in order to avoid costly financial and structural problems.

Even the smallest faucet leak or piping issue can lead to irreversible damage, which is why it’s imperative to act quickly and work with water damage professionals.

Thankfully, though certain commercial services specialize in water damage cleanup, they can offer plenty of additional essential services, as well, including:

  • Fire damage – Smoke and fire damage restoration is key following a serious structural fire. From the mitigation to the reconstruction, fire damage professionals will help get your business back to normal.
  • Mold damage – Mold cleanup professionals will use all-organic and non-chemical solutions to clear your business of this invasive fungus.
  • Storm damage – Even if your business is well protected, an unexpected storm can cause all kinds of damage. Storm damage professionals will help you and your company manage everything after these sudden damages.
  • Emergency plumbing – Plumbing professionals can help your fix everything from a leaky faucet to serious pipe damage and blockages. Neglecting these plumbing problems will lead to all sorts of expensive repairs.

As long as you’re staying on top of your building’s needs and aren’t neglecting any of these issues, your company should be primed for success. If you want to learn more about the importance of commercial water damage cleanup, contact us right away.