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Taking Care of Your Pipes How to Ensure Your Sewer Lines are in Good Condition

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Fresh tap water and bathroom use on demand are possible thanks to indoor plumbing. First introduced in the early 20th century, indoor plumbing has become an essential part of modern life. Like any system, indoor plumbing systems require continual maintenance and repairs in order to keep costs low and avoid the need for extensive repairs in the long run. Here are some tips from licensed plumbers to cut down on your water bill and ensure that your plumbing lines are secure.

The Cost of Ignored Plumbing

At any given time, a majority of U.S. homes are experiencing some form of water loss that is costing homeowners more money than it should. It is estimated that the average household wastes over 10,000 gallons of water in a single year; with that water a homeowner could wash up

Five Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Plumbing System

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The average family has four people in it. The average family with four people in it uses an average of 400 gallons of water every day. That’s a lot of water being piped into your home, and going down your drains. With our dependence on water, staying on top of plumbing maintenance and drain repairs is incredibly important. A plumbing nightmare can result in flood damage, being (literally) knee-deep in waste, and thousands of dollars in repair bills.

To help you avoid a plumbing nightmare, we’ve put together a list of good maintenance tips for your pipes and drains.

  1. Have your drains inspected regularly.
    When you purchase a home, many mortgage companies require an inspection be conducted on the condition of the drains in order to qualify for funding. Even after you own your home, it

What You Really Need to Know About Restoring Your Floor

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Sites like Pinterest and Etsy have re-awakened peoples? desire to have a home that looks great — and reflects their personality. However, it often becomes tempting to either DIY major projects (the internet can show you how to do anything!) or invest in very cheap versions of quality materials — and sometimes, the result of this can be more expensive than investing in quality workmanship in the first place.

Don’t Opt for a Subpar Floor Contractor, or Pay the Price

Floor restoration is a big example of this. Contractors trying to submit the lowest bid will sometimes do a lot of corner-cutting that could potentially impact the longevity of your floor. One example would be a total avoidance of name brand floors. While you don?t always need a popular brand for good quality, you?re