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Looking for Modern Furniture in Washington, DC?

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Dc contemporary furniture

Looking to redecorate or enhance the style of your home? Come down to Georgetown and add some modern flare to your living space! Did you know that “modern” furniture means any furniture made in the late 19th century and forward based on modernist design principles? Think of furniture that is more geometric and made of novel fabrics and other materials. If you live in or around Washington, DC modern furniture we sell could be what you need.

“Modern” is just a stylish twist on old favorites. The sofa dates back to at least 2000 BCE in Egypt! More recently, the sofa has also been known as a “divan”, “Chesterfield”, or a “davenport”. In the medieval era, only kings and nobles were allowed to sit on chairs. Everyone else sat on a stool or the floor! Now our modern furniture DC can make high style seats are available to you to make your home your personalized castle to show all your friends and family.

Style is constantly evolving, so much so that the US furniture market is $63 billion per year. Stay current with contemporary furniture dc. Entertaining is important and an eye catching home with attractive, comfortable furniture is essential for it. Our DC modern furniture will add the flavor you need to your home.

Come down to Theodores in Georgetown for our DC contemporary furniture. We have been helping the people of Washington keep style in their homes with Dc modern furniture for over 40 years and we are sure that we can help you, too. Our long standing commitment to and work with the finest in American and European modern furniture for nearly half a century has given us the expertise we need to get you the best DC modern furniture most suited to your taste.

Retire To The Sunshine State

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Real estate cape coral florida

Gorgeous weather and affordable housing options are a part of the allure of Florida for retirees. In fact, 17 percent of Floridas population is age 65 and older. But Florida is more than just home to many snow birds and retirees seeking a reprieve from high state taxes and dreary winters. Communities designed with every taste in mind like Casa Di Fiori Cape Coral are drawing people to Cape Corals hores.

Ranked as one of CNN Moneys 25 Best Places to Retire, Cape Coral and Fort Myers have some of the loveliest real estate in Florida. Along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Cape Coral gives its residents access to beautiful beaches and water activities, plenty of shopping, sports, and nightlife. Housing prices have fallen since 2006 making it a true buyers market in the Cape Coral area. These attractive features add to the appeal of the many condos for sale and new homes Cape Coral Florida. Cape Coral condos for sale are abundant and many are affordably priced, such as the condos available in the Casa Di Fiori Cape Coral community.

Median home prices in Cape Coral are in the very budget friendly $95,000 range. To accommodate the older than age 50 set (38 percent of Cape Corals population), affordable housing is also available in planned communities like Casa Di Fiori Cape Coral. These communities are another reason that the Cape Coral area is booming. The population has increased by more than 50 percent since the year 2000. This increase in population (154,734 as of 2011) has led to an increase in the construction of Casa Di Fiori Cape coral florida new homes and condos. The estimated median household income is moving up, too.

Housing options, such as condos and communities like Casa Di Fiori Cape Coral, offer residents flexibility in design and amenities. Whether you prefer three bedrooms instead of two, or want access to private tennis courts and pools, there are communities like Casa Di Fiori Cape Coral that can be your perfect match.

Beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, cheap housing, and no state tax. What could be better? Continue your research here.