Making Home Improvements Before Selling? Start with Landscape Designs

Written by Eric Brophy. Posted in Landscaping design ideas, Plano landscaping, Retaining wall

Retaining wall design

Were you aware that landscaping can increase your home’s value? In addition to providing more curb appeal, it can add 14% to your home’s resale value. When a survey was conducted with real estate agents, almost 90% of them stated that they encourage their clients to invest in landscaping prior to putting their homes on the market.

If you spend just 5% of your house’s value on landscaping, experts agree that you may recoup a return on your investment of up to 150%. Furthermore, when you have a beautiful landscape design, your house may be on the market for considerably less time. In some cases, the time your home is on the market could be reduced by up to 6 weeks.

When making home improvements prior to selling, 97% of real estate