Leave Electrical Wiring Repairs to the Professionals

Written by Eric Brophy. Posted in Electrical problems, Electrician panama city fl, Panama city electrician

Electrician panama city fl

Electrical wiring repairs is one of those things many home handymen thing they can easily take care of to save a few bucks. However, electrical wiring repairs not done correctly, electric wires not secured and grounded properly, and electric wires that are frayed or damaged can be highly dangerous. In 2011 alone, there were nearly 48,000 home fires attributed to electrical failure or malfunction.

While done properly, electrical wiring repairs are no more dangerous than any other home repair. However, not done correctly or not done by a trained and experienced professional can lead to a dangerous situation.

Wiring and wiring equipment were to blame for over 60% of electric home fires. Lamps, light bulbs, and light fixtures are the second leading cause at 20%, cords, plugs are the third l