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I’m Eric Brophy, a carpenter and homebuilder with 16 years experience doing the job right, the old-fashioned way. What they used to say is true — measure twice, cut once. If you plan out a project from the start, with blueprints, a bill of materials, the whole nine yards, you may seem to be wasting time at the start, but it’s time saved on having to do the job again when it just doesn’t fit. Whether you’re building in the city or off the grid, ground-up or touch-up, I can guarantee you’ll find home improvement tips for your next DIY project at home.

13 Tips to Turn Your Small Bathroom Into a Luxurious Space

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If you have a small bathroom that you are planning to renovate, you are not alone. Bathroom renovations are very popular around the country. About 90% of homeowners who are remodeling their spaces say that they plan to work on at least one bathroom in their home. Small bathroom makeovers can make the space seem larger and more luxurious.

  1. Heat the floors. This can feel like the ultimate in luxury living. It is always nice to step out of a bath or shower to a warm floor. It also helps on cold mornings when the tile has chilled overnight.
  2. Make the switch from a tub to a walk in shower. As much as soaking in a hot bath after work can be a very relaxing experience but when you have a bathroom that is too small for the space a walk-in shower can make the space seem larger and give your showers a bit of their own luxury.
  3. Add seating to your shower. When you are working with local Continue Reading No Comments

A Closer Look At Why We Need Pest Control Services All Throughout The United States

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Here in the United States and all throughout the world, unwanted rodents and other pests play a hugely detrimental role in the grand scheme of things. After all, the dangers of everything from rats to squirrel families can certainly be far more significant than many people actually realize. For instance, such rodents can easily carry disease, making them dangerous to be handled by the typical home owner.

Rodents and insects also consume a huge portion of the world’s total food supply. At the current date, it has been estimated that varying types of rodents alone will consume or contaminate as much as a full one fifth of this food supply, around 20% to put it into other terms. Without the prevalent of animal control services, however, this problem would likely be considerably more severe. In fact, without pest control, the amount of food that was contaminated by rodents and insects would likely be as much has half of the world’s total food supply. Of course, it is easy to see that

Are You Ready to Tackle a Home Improvement Project?

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This is the time of the year when you can only think about the outside work that needs to be done on the outside of your home. As the nation’s temperatures again plunge into the teens and below, home owners may indeed be growing wearing of this long winter. Fortunately, even though property owners cannot be working on outside projects, they can tackle the inside work that they need done. From the installation of strand bamboo floors to upgrading to moisture-resistance molding throughout your home, there are many inside projects that can be completed while the nation waits for spring and warmer weather to arrive.
As home owners look for ways to upgrade their homes with maintenance free products, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of people who are looking at strand bamboo floors and other kinds of bamboo flooring options. Although it is very much like wood

Importance of Working With Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Services

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There are dozens of important factors to constantly consider when running a business. If you want to run a successful company, not only do you have to offer a quality product or service, hire hardworking employees and keep them happy, and handle all the logistical and financial aspects of your organization, but you have to address and correct any structural concerns right away, as well.

Water and mold damage, for instance, is a common occurrence that can ruin a company’s structure and finances. According to Farmers Insurance, there has been an uptick in mold-related claims in the last decade — approximately 1,100! It’s imperative for businesses of any kind to work with commercial services that offer water damage cleanup and mold removal in order to avoid costly financial and structural problems.

Even the smallest faucet leak or piping issue can lead to irreversible damage, which is why it’s imperative to act quickly and work with water damage professionals.

Thankfully, though certain commercial services specialize in water damage cleanup, they can offer plenty of additional essential services, as well, including:

  • Fire damage – Smoke and fire damage restoration is key following a serious structural fire. From the mitigation to the reconstruction, fire damage professionals will help get your business back to normal.
  • Mold damage – Mold cleanup professionals will use all-organic and non-chemical solutions to clear your business of this invasive fungus.
  • Storm damage – Even if your business is well protected, an unexpected storm can cause all kinds of damage. Storm damage professionals will help you and your company manage everything after these sudden damages.
  • Emergency plumbing – Plumbing professionals can help your fix everything from a leaky faucet to serious pipe damage and blockages. Neglecting these plumbing problems will lead to all sorts of expensive repairs.

As long as you’re staying on top of your building’s needs and aren’t neglecting any of these issues, your company should be primed for success. If you want to learn more about the importance of commercial water damage cleanup, contact us right away.


Plumbing Winterization: 3 Important Steps to Take

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You may not think about the condition of your home’s pipes very often, but the smallest problem with your plumbing can waste water, cost money, and cause damage. This is especially true with 10% of homes having leaks that waste at least 90 gallons of water every day. So to avoid any further issues, winterizing your plumbing should be on your “to do” list. Plumbing winterization isn’t difficult, and it’s extremely important. So let’s take a look at a few important steps to take when you’re completing your plumbing winterization.


Have your pipes insulated: This is one of the most important steps you should take when getting your plumbing ready for the cold weather. Local plumbing services can help ensure your pipes are properly insulated. While not all of the pipes in your home need to be insulated, the pipes around the exterior of your home and in your basement should be. Insulation can be the key to avoiding frozen pipe, which can burst and cause flooding.


Seal exterior cracks: Before the winter weather gets any worse, you should take a look at the exterior of your home. If you notice any cracks or damage, you should have them fixed immediately. If there is even a small crack, cold air can get inside your home and cause your pipes to freeze. So by filling in any cracks or other damage, you can ensure your home will stay comfortably warm for both you and your plumbing.


Disconnect outside hoses: If you still have garden hoses connected to outside faucets, they should be disconnected as soon as possible. If outside hoses are left hooked up, water can continue to enter them and freeze. Once the hose is disconnected, the hose bibs should be effectively drained and covered. If possible, you should also shut off water flow to the hose bibs. Doing this can help avoid outside pipes and faucets from freezing.


Plumbing winterization is an important task homeowners need to do every year. With these few simple steps and the help of a local plumber, you can ensure your plumbing will be working properly all winter long.

How To Care For Your Septic Tank

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A septic system is used to catch all the wastewater that comes from your home. Out of all the homes in the United States, a quarter of them are on septic systems. Septic tanks need to be well maintained and properly cared for to do their job and not run the risk of backing up. So what are the best ways to care for your septic tank and how do you do it?

A septic system should be checked annually to ensure it is running correctly. Septic tanks should be pumped every three to five years depending on how many people are living in the home and how many outputs there are being pumped into it. Having multiple bathrooms, many guests, and a garbage disposal may fill your tank a lot faster so checking should be done more periodically. If you don’t care for your system with proper septic system treatments you could have serious problems with solids flowing into the liquid draining system. You may also experience backups which could end up sending smelly wastewater into your yard and home. If you hear gurgling sounds coming from your plumbing you may need to have someone check into your septic system. If your drains are slowly draining or pooling before they drain it may also be a septic issue that requires septic tank treatment.

Keeping proper records of how full your tank is will help you to know how full it is getting and when you need to act on septic tank treatments. If you find your tank filling faster than you anticipate you may wish to try conserving water. Try not to flush as often when using the toilet. Have family members take shorter showers and smaller baths to conserve the amount of water used. Install low flush toilets and aerators on your taps to reduce the amount of water used. Do not use a garbage disposal if you are on a septic system as it can add up to half of your solid waste within your tank. If you want more ways to start reducing the amount you contribute to your septic system call a local professional to give you more great ideas.

There are certain things you shouldn’t ever flush down into your septic tank to ensure it continues to run smoothly. Here are a few of them:

* Grease, fat, and oils
* Automotive oils and gases
* Cigarette butts
* Nutshells, egg shells, or coffee grounds
* Feminine hygiene products
* Cleaning cloths and paper products besides toilet paper
* Chemicals, medications, and cleaning products

These are just a few of the many items you should avoid putting into your septic system to avoid costly septic tank treatments.

Americans Are Losing Too Much Money Shaving Down Your Energy Bills With A New Furnace Or Boiler

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Spring is around the corner. It’s still not quite warm enough to neglect your furnace and boiler.

The average American home today is spending too much on heating and cooling costs. If you feel you’re one of them, reaching out to a contractor might be the best idea you’ve had in a while. There are a lot of small and major factors that go into affecting our home’s ability to use energy properly. From old HVAC systems that need to be replaced to an improperly installed boiler, these are best figured out with the aid of a professional. They’ll help you set up 2019 so you’re finally at harmony with your day-to-day living and your bills.

Try out this basic guide to learn more about your energy usage and how you can finally start turning it around.

Americans Waste Too Much Water

Here’s something you already know: your water usage needs to go down. Recent studies have concluded too many American households today are wasting precious dollars with p

5 Practical Tips For Finishing Your Basement

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Finishing your basement is not only a big project to improve your personal comfort, but the average basement remodel can have as much as a 70% return on investment, according to Home Advisor. With such significant financial implications, you want your basement to be finished properly by a trusted basement contractor. Know these tips and you won’t miss a thing when you finish your basement.

  1. Be familiar with building codes

    One of the biggest challenges of basement finishing is making sure that it all follows the strict building codes. Knowing these codes ahead of time will help you manage your expectations for the dimensions of the space and you will be able to ensure that your basement contractor is following the codes.

  2. Install effective insulation

    Before you get to the very end of your basement remodeling project, make sure that you’ve properly insulated the space. It is unusually difficult to control temperatures in basements, as any warm air will rise straight to the ceiling. Invest in subfloor panel systems to get sufficient heat in the space and make sure it is well insulated so that the heat stays in there.

  3. Control moisture

    Any basement renovation needs to include ways to control moisture. You can keep your basement dry by building good drainage systems that direct water off your roof and away from your foundation. Make sure your ventilation is moving the wetter air from the bathrooms and kitchen to the outside rather than into your newly finished basement.

  4. Don’t finish the utility room

    While it may be tempting to make the space around your water heater and HVAC unit look aesthetically pleasing, you will be creating problems for yourself down the road. There are specific code requirements for these spaces in their spacing and framing. There also needs to be easy access to them for inspections and repairs.

  5. Think about the flooring

    When you start a basement renovation you’ll likely have a concrete slab, but that can easily be transformed into an attractive floor. As long as your floor is level and dry, you can cover it with ceramic tile, laminate, or vinyl. As moisture levels can cause wood to buckle and split, most basement contractors wouldn’t recommend solid wood flooring.

Finishing your basement is a great project to undertake, but there needs to be some careful planning. Make sure you have your basics taken care of, and you’ll be able to enjoy perfecting your basement design.


Keeping Our Country’s Children Safe with Low VOC Paint

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Over the years, studies have been conducted on what scientists refer to as VOC paints, which are composed of volatile organic compounds. These paints are composed of solvents that get released into the air when the paint is drying. CBC Marketplace did a study that found that VOC levels of over 500 ppb could cause problems to those who have chemical sensitivities. Because of this, many people who are picking out paint for their children’s nurseries wonder what type of paint is best so that they can protect the livelihood of your child. Low VOC paint might be the answer to these problems, giving you a trustworthy way to invite that new baby into your home comfortably and safely. Baby safe paint for cribs and walls can leave you feeling better about the safety of your baby in your household.

Why Low VOC Paint is the Best Nursery Paint

VOCs can stay in the air for about up to a year. This me

A Freelancer’s Guide to Home Office Organization

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As the number of freelance and remote employees in the U.S. continues to grow, creating a productive home office space will become a priority for even more Americans. But it’s not enough to merely establish that office space; you’ll also need to organize your home office to maximize your efficiency. That may seem like a difficult task, but there are actually a number of ways to make your home office work better for you. Here are just a few to consider.

Choose Your Desk and Keep It Uncluttered

Regardless of your industry, it’s likely that having a functional and attractive desk space is a top priority. Whether you require a large table with no bells and whistles or a more contained unit with built-in shelving, you should do your research and find the desk that makes you feel ready to take on anything. Then, you’ll need to make a commitment to keep it clean. The average U.S. executive wastes approximately six weeks every year just searching for important documents that have been lost in clutter. You’ll need to clean up your clutter on an ongoing basis and devise a comprehensive filing system. If you don’t, you may resort to piling up papers all over your desk. You won’t be able to find anything or even work with all that mess, so make sure you can actually see and use your desk each day.


Designate and Divide Into Zones

A lot of remote workers find their focus improves when they’re able to divide their workspace up into specific zones. Think about the tasks for which you’re responsible during an average day. You may spend a certain amount of time on the computer, a couple of hours on the phone, and part of your day conducting research or doing a brainstorming session. Whatever those duties are, you should consider dividing up your office space into little areas that serve each of those purposes. Then, invest in some of the best home office organization products (like shelving, storage cube systems, and multifunctional furniture) that will help to support those tasks. This can help to divide up your day and help you tackle every item on your daily list without becoming overwhelmed. Plus, it can get you out of your chair and keep your creative juices flowing.


Keep it Comfy and Well-Lit

You can’t be expected to do your best work if you’re in pain or are struggling to see. Before you organize your home office, you’ll want to ensure that it’s furnished properly first. That means you’ll want to get an ergonomically sound desk chair and a comfortable sofa. You might be inclined to cut corners here, but you should actually consider buying more high-end pieces. The more comfortable this furniture is, the more likely you won’t mind spending time in your office. If you’re constantly apologizing to clients for the uncomfortable chairs or you’re dealing with an aching back after working for a few hours, you aren’t going to produce your best work. You should also bring in as much natural light as possible and supplement with energy efficient artificial lighting. You can’t be expected to be productive in a dim room or with lights that hurt your eyes. Make sure your home office is a place you actually want to be in!


Add Wall Inspiration and Function

When you go to organize your home office, you may realize that you have very little floor space to work with. If your office area is on the small side or you simply want to maximize what you’ve got, you need to go vertical. Add some shelving and hooks to bare walls to hold tools, books, files, and knick-knacks. This can keep these items off your desk and even allow you to put a unique spin on decorating. You should also add a large cork board or bulletin board to highlight important deadlines, remind yourself of special quotes, or tack up some sources of inspiration. If you’re able to mix decorative elements with ones that actually make your job easier, you’ll be much happier and more efficient.


Ready to organize your home office? We’re here to help. For more information on our home office organization products, contact us today.