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Keep Your Home Happy and Healthy With an Awning

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While motorized awnings for homes are a relatively modern phenomenon, sun awnings themselves are nothing new. Ancient Egyptians and Syrians used awnings to keep cool in the desert sun. Cafes throughout Europe have employed awnings for decades to keep their outdoor patrons comfortable in the summer months. It’s no wonder the idea is embraced by many homeowners as a means to keep cool, save money, and even stay healthy.

  • Heat Reduction. Outdoor patio blinds and awnings block the sun, of course. But motorized awnings attached to homes can reduce sun glare on windows by almost 95%. This can make your living r

Fun DIY Speaker Projects for the Home Audio Buff

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According to Fixr, the cost of home theater installation can range from 150 dollars to 800 dollars. The rate depends on the particular system that you purchase, as well as any deal you might work out with the seller. That brings us to the cost of the home theater itself, which can consist of a complete audio visual system or merely a set of high quality speakers.

Regardless of the equipment being installed, the most time consuming part of any home theater project is the installation of the speakers. Since some home theater or home audio designs will require wires to be passed through the walls, speaker installation can take several hours. However, if the set up is in one room, typical DIY speaker projects can take less than two hours of your time; and you will be saving a few bucks, as well.

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