Does Your Home Have Untapped Well Water?

Written by Eric Brophy. Posted in Residential well, Water well drilling, Water well drilling california

Well drilling

Water is an important part of our everyday lives. In fact, we can survive longer on no food and no sleep than we can on no water. Lack of water in our bodies leads to many short term and long term health conditions. However, even with the importance of water to our bodies, many people do not get enough water on a daily basis. Some people do not like the taste of the water and others may not have easy access to the water. Water that can be purchased at a store often has many of its important nutrients stripped out of it, and it can be quite costly regularly purchasing it. Well water is the access to water on the property. Well drilling allows homeowners to test if their properties are home to any freshwater well sources.

Of the 349 billion gallons of freshwater the United States withdraws each day, groundwa