What American Housing Is Doing To Become More Energy Efficient

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energy solutionsIt isn’t only those Americans who want a lower electric utility bill who are aiming to reduce energy output in the American home. Cities across the United States have begun making changes to their housing in order to make homes more energy efficient. This is because after power plants, residential homes emit the highest amount of carbon gasses.

But how specifically are houses changing in order to become more energy efficient? And what can you do in order to find energy solutions?

Energy efficient lighting
It isn’t always a bad power company that causes you to have a high electric bill. Halogen lights can be incredibly detrimental to the environment because of the amount of heat they give off. Fortunately, LED’s popularity has been increasing. Not only do LED lights give off less heat, which makes them less of a fire hazard, but they also provide up to 85% more light than standard halogen bulbs.

Solar paneled roofing is also becoming more popular. While it’s still not a standard part of housing, Tesla, Inc. has begun to increase its solar panel production and plans to begin production of these roofs in Buffalo, NY as early as December 2017, according to The Buffalo News.

High-efficiency appliances
Air conditioners’ coolants are infamous for their impact on the environment. However, HVAC systems and water heaters have been changing in their designs and energy solutions. Faced with unpredictable electricity rates, these systems have changed in order to give off fresher air and to reduce their environmental impact.

R410A, for instance, is a new refrigerant used in modern air conditioners that allow for homes to remain cool without using chlorine. When chlorine is released into the atmosphere, it can cause the ozone layer to be eaten away.

What you can do
Be proactive about the energy you consume as a homeowner. While it may not be necessary for you to completely change your life, by making small and simple changes you can make a big impact.

Use LED lights instead of halogen lights for cheap electricity that will last longer and use less heat. Unplug your devices to keep them from using up to 75% of the energy they consume. And finally, check your vents in order to make the energy you douse go a long way.

By making small changes, you can make a big impact on the environment. You can also make a big impact on your electric bill by making small changing to reduce your energy output. For energy solutions that work for you and your utility bill, contact Amos Electric Supply today.

West Chester HVAC Specialists Help Frustrated Homeowners

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When Benjamin Franklin more or less discovered electricity in the eighteenth century, he could not have guessed that electricity would become so ubiquitous by the early twenty first century. Today, electricity is an essential feature of modern life. It powers light bulbs, heating systems, security systems, and kitchen appliances. The light bulb is an incredibly inefficient object which wastes more than ninety percent of its energy emitting heat instead of the visible light that it is designed to emit. Although many an electrician west chester pa believes that it is possible to produce more efficient light bulbs which emit more light than heat, many light bulb companies are dead set against producing any object which would reduce their profits.

Electricity even powers certain plumbing systems. Modern plumbing first became popular during the nineteenth century, when cities started to grow and become more densely popular than they had been during the eighteenth century. Before modern plumbing, many people simply threw their waste out of the window; however, this solution became less viable after cities started to grow exponentially for the simple reason that many residents did not believe that it was polite to dump their waste and excrement onto their neighbor’s lawns (or heads). The health concerns only became important later in the nineteenth century. As another aside, many experts believe that the best plumber in the United States is a plumber West Chester PA.

Electricity also powers millions of air conditioning systems. These air conditioning systems were first invented in 1902 by Willis Carrier, a printing company executive who wanted to protect inks and paper at his company from humidity. By 1953, more than one million residential air conditioning units were sold to former veterans who were quickly moving to new suburban complexes outside of major cities. By the 1980s, these Americans owned more air conditioning systems than the rest of the world combined, despite the fact that Americans only make up about five percent of the world’s population.

Unfortunately, many Americans find that it is almost impossible to install and repair electrical objects in their homes. Consequently, many of these Americans call upon West Chester HVAC specialists (who are sometimes called HVAC West Chester PA geniuses). These West Chester HVAC specialists often visit their clients’ homes before they begin work; that way, the West Chester HVAC specialists can get a feel for the home that they plan to work on and generate an estimate for the client. Only then does the West Chester HVAC specialist begin work. The time that the West Chester HVAC specialist spends upon each project varies, but few West Chester HVAC specialists take longer than three months to complete a project. The reasons for their speed are partly due to their skill but partly because they do not want to spend forever on one West Chester HVAC project. West Chester HVAC specialists want to tackle as many projects as possible. Furthermore, many West Chester HVAC specialists want to see their families after work, which is impossible if they spend too much time working on West Chester HVAC projects. Helpful info also found here.