The Many Benefits of Custom Shades and Smart Blinds

Written by Eric Brophy. Posted in Curtains, Plantation shutters, Roman shades

More than decoration there is much to gain from the window shades that can assist with energy savings in the home. With window coverings often being updated every seven or eight years for decor, there is the ability to purchase custom shades that help with the heat and cooling protection capabilities of your windows.

Different Window Coverings

Shades and draperies are able to keep the sun out in the summer when it tends to keep the house hot enough to increase cooling expense. With darker, longer window coverings there is the ability to add shade to the room in order to keep it cooler and reduce summer heat addition by over 30%, while also reducing heat loss in the winter by approximately 10%. Some of these may be blackout blinds, while others may just be the roller shades or other coverings that you are able to manage on your own.

Custom Shades

With the ability to customize shades for the comfort of a room, there is much to see in what it can do for the dec