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When a Foundation Repair Company is Needed

Written by Eric Brophy. Posted in Clay-rich soils, Foundation failure, Limestone formations

All modern buildings, may they be large office buildings or banks or residential homes, need a solid concrete foundation upon which to sit. In fact, one of the first steps of any construction project is to dig up the space for the foundation, then pour concrete and allow it to cure and form the foundation. From there, the home may be built, and there is more than one way to build a good foundation. Of course, like any hardware, these structures may sometimes suffer from foundation failure, so a foundation repair company or foundation repair services may be called upon to handle it. A good foundation repair company will have its own website and positive customer reviews, and a homeowner may find a local foundation repair company by reference or an online search.

Common Foundation Models

There are a number of ways to build a foundation, and four particular models have

Geologists and Foundation Repair Work

Written by Eric Brophy. Posted in Certified geologist on staff, Foundation issues, Foundation repair services

All buildings, may they be small suburban homes or a large shopping mall or school, are built upon foundations. And in the case of homes in particular, there are some popular and effective foundation models that contractors may choose from when constructing a home on a plot of land. Later, if a homeowner is suffering from foundation failure, foundation repair companies can be called upon to fix these foundation issues, whatever they may be. And during construction, a certified geologist on staff can be consulted to check which foundation types are safe to build in an area. Due to various soil types, proximity to fault lines, and more, a certified geologist on staff must be present, or else a foundation may be in trouble. A certified geologist on staff will know what foundation types are safe to build, and where, helping make a foundation a good investment for the home. What are some of these foundation type