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Keeping Our Country’s Children Safe with Low VOC Paint

Written by Eric Brophy. Posted in Health-focused paints, Protecting hardwood floors, Wall primers

Over the years, studies have been conducted on what scientists refer to as VOC paints, which are composed of volatile organic compounds. These paints are composed of solvents that get released into the air when the paint is drying. CBC Marketplace did a study that found that VOC levels of over 500 ppb could cause problems to those who have chemical sensitivities. Because of this, many people who are picking out paint for their children’s nurseries wonder what type of paint is best so that they can protect the livelihood of your child. Low VOC paint might be the answer to these problems, giving you a trustworthy way to invite that new baby into your home comfortably and safely. Baby safe paint for cribs and walls can leave you feeling better about the safety of your baby in your household.

Why Low VOC Paint is the Best Nursery Paint

VOCs can stay in the air for about up to a year. This me