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This Year’s Furniture Trends: 5 Styles to Try

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outdoor furnitureIf your patio, deck, or balcony has been sporting the same decor for years, it may be time for an update. As with any indoor space, an outdoor space can be stylish, comfortable, and reflective of a home’s unique flavor. Before heading to the furniture store to explore new aesthetic possibilities, consider these 2017 outdoor furniture trends.

  1. Color Accents
    Adding pops of color throughout the space is a sure way to add touches of bold style while pulling together the overall look. For a larger statement, choose a boldly upholstered couch or chair. Balance the prominence of this furniture with smaller details, such as pottery, sprinkled throughout the patio. Especially if the overall color scheme is muted or neutral, placing colorful throw pillows can add a playful touch. Since it is still an outdoor space, however, keep it simple by not overwhelming the space with too many bright tones.
  2. Modern Mixed In
    Following the past several years of hyper-contemporary, minimalist trends, traditional styles are sneaking back in this year. 2017 is all about mixing modern touches, such as wall decor, lights, and pottery, with more traditional furniture pieces. So, if you’re wondering whether your trendy floor lamp can pair with your grandmother’s wicker chair, the answer is yes.
  3. Your Outdoor Living Room
    Plushy couches now have a place on your patio. Stylish, comfortable outdoor furniture can now look similar to your indoor furniture. These patio pieces are simply more durable, upholstered to endure outdoor conditions.
  4. Mixed Up Styles
    Now is the time to mix and match materials. Personalize your space with a variety of colors, finishes and glazes. This year, there is no need for a completely uniform look. Place a metal bench next to a wooden end table, for example. There are no rules here.
  5. Natural Materials
    Styles of the past several years have been a testament to all things industrial and minimal. This year, however, nature is making a comeback. Find creative ways to incorporate natural materials into your deck, balcony or patio. Consider using rocks and wood as your hard materials. Hanging wings and hammocks is also a functional way to create an authentic, outdoorsy feel.

This year’s trends for outdoor spaces are breaking the minimalist rules of the past few years by playing with color and material. Create your ideal look by incorporating your own personal tastes as well. Among homeowners who are revamping their outdoor spaces, over half spend at least six hours there, mostly gardening, relaxing, and entertaining. With your new stylish outdoor furniture, we promise you will never want to come inside.

Effective Sound Blocking Tips for Your Musician Room

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Decorative acoustic ceiling tiles

Is sound control important to you? Do you want the freedom to work on your musical abilities, without having to worry about complaining neighbors or city ordinances? With some minor planning and household upgrades, you can have your home converted into the perfect musical environment. You will have the ability to practice your music and listen to others music any time you desire.

Low amp music systems
Lower amped music systems are the first step in reducing your noise complaints. Although neighbors can still hear your music through the walls without any other soundproofing techniques, like soundproof wall panels, the frequency and bass will be less. This means that

If You Could Redesign Your Home, What Would It Look Like?

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Remodeling mandan

We all have those projects in mind that we know we want to get to someday, and too often that elusive “someday” doesn’t come until years down the line, if it ever does come at all. But whatever your excuses are to not start on it now, find a way around them. You will be glad that you did, as your finished project will be more than worth it.

Redesigning your home

One of the reasons that many individuals’ projects get put off for so long is because of the magnitude of the project. If you are looking at major home renovations, your project is not necessarily something that you can start throwing together on your random free Saturday afternoon. Remodeling projects take a significant amount of planning, time, and energy.

The ideal redesign of your home, whether for y

Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Energy Efficiency and its Interior Decor

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Furniture store

Are you currently involved in a home improvement project? If so, you may be interested to know that many homeowners are focusing on sustainable home improvement projects, including those that increase their home’s energy efficiency and reduce their utility costs.

The “Home Design and Remodeling” section of provides several ideas for increasing a home’s energy efficiency. These can be handled best when building a new home or when remodeling, and include installing small wind turbines or solar panels to provide electricity.

Another recommendation provided by the “Energy Saver Home Design and Remodeling” section is sunspaces. In addition to providing heat, these designated spaces are wonderful for growing plants. Then there’s the fact that they are nice places to sit and relax.

“The Installation Guy is Coming” What to Expect with an HVAC Installation

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Air conditioning repair huntsville al

When installing a new HVAC system, it can be a little intimidating wonder how things are going to go. Chances are, if you hired a heating and air conditioning service, you want it to go as smoothly as possible. without any complications. Knowing what to expect when the installation guy comes is the first step to ensure your new HCAV units go in with no issue.

There are somewhere around 85,469 HVAC business in just the United States alone, so some of their procedures on installation day may vary from company to company. However, generally the pride themselves in assuring your home stays clean and the installation goes quickly. If you already have an old HVAC system, they’ll start by taking that out first. Then, they will get to work installing your brand new system, meticulously check

A Minor Kitchen or Bath Remodel is One of the Best Projects You Can Do in Your Home

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Shower wall tile

When you are looking to do a remodel of your home, it pays to consider doing a project in your kitchen or bathroom. Projects in these rooms tend to bring you some of the best return on the money you spend, with a minor kitchen remodel getting you back about 83% of what you spend in terms of increased home value and a bathroom addition returning about 86%. Not all kitchen and bathroom projects have to be major; in fact, you are likely to get more bang for your buck by doing a minor project, such as replacing a kitchen backsplash. Here are some ideas for minor kitchen and bath projects.

Replacing or adding tile in your kitchen or bath can be a good move. Tile countertop ideas range from tiny tile s